I am a conspiracy theorist and I do believe it’s the british government organizing the terror attack to justify militarization of society and why at this point you better vote BNP. Or-Even-Corbyn. 

Now they’re scared. Of Jeremy Corbyn. But there is something more disturbing in Theresa May, the good girl for antonomasia, the “Vicar’s daughter” aka, in the mind of the dull, the “good girl” she was born into church, she was woken up by church bells and, she must have grown tired of it. One of the vulgarest way of saying in Italy is “the bitchest of all women are the ones who run after the Virgin Mary”, according to the Anglican culture it may require an adjustment for May but, the concept is “don’t be fooled, man” by all this churchgirls, also Camilla was a church girl and it went the way it went. Now, I am a conspiracy theorist, I believe the State allowed, covered up or even organized the terror attacks, with a little help from the satanist Ariana Grande who cursed her fans to death a couple of years ago – so you learn being a fan of Ariana Grande’s – to be able to step up the NWO in the form of a response to the terror threat, and what is this response in fact? No more immigration from muslim countries and repatriation od the illegals? No, that’s racism, the answer, the response is more internet control, police and soldiers running in our streets, less freedom for the citizens and “get used to it” a la israeli. But Europe is NOT in the Middle East. This is the answer of Theresa May to terror threats, to protect more herself and Buckingham Palace, but in a way that looks rather ominous. Here’s one of my favourite intellectual treats: to see and report the comments of the astonished and appalled Readers:

From the Telegraph

Richard Sim 27 May 2017 12:48PM

 “Why did the Government permit armed troops to be filmed in Downing Street? Why did soldiers tramp into the Palace of Westminster? Parliament is dissolved for the election: it is not reassuring to see democracy’s empty building awash with khaki. This felt like propaganda.”

There were there because the threat was deemed so high they needed to be. If something had happened you and your kind would have been the first to say “where were the troops?” The point you are making is trivial in the grand scheme of things.

A better question might be how can these British Muslims travel freely around the world to get radicalised and then breeze back willy nilly to slaughter our children? or how can this boy claim a  £7,000  student loan and benefits to finance terror on the very Tax payers who provide that money. Regardless of money this country  has become too soft and a bloody laughing stock. To add insult to injury, Mrs May would rather make cuts to British Pensioners than to cut the £13 billion per year foreign aid budget – Absolute madness. Someone needs to get a grip, sadly May and Corbyn are both way, way out of their depth !

Stephen Putt 25 May 2017 4:02PM

Shows how short sighted May is. Soon it will be Soldiers emptying dustbins..
dullsdulls dullsdulls 25 May 2017 3:15PM

Having soldiers on our street tells us we are being cowed by them and that our democracy is beginning to fail. So to keep multiculturalism going we will have to militarise our country.  Ps I am in favour of immigration, just not from the Muslim countries. With the exception of Christians from that area for obvious reasons.  All this tells us is our Government is failing us.

The soldiers are on the street for show, to us not to deter terrorists. Soldiers will achieve nothing except prevent them getting near Westminster etc.  They will just target somewhere else.

It is clear to me that though the politicians seem rather twisted, the people are intelligent.

Personally I’m scared of this Mrs. May, what can you have worse than a militarized society that takes away your freedom to be able to go on with multiculturalism? At this point you better take a radical change choice and vote BNP they would stop immigration and would repatriate the undesirable without asking them if by the way they want to leave the country. They would be called fascist but I don’t think they care, they would do it the same, or else even Corbyn is better than May, because he would never ever do a self made terror attack to step up the NWO.

Last week, before all this, I met a distinguished man called Prince Ghazi.

Source: Suddenly I fear for the Conservatives – but there is a way back for Mrs May

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