G7 VICTORY FOR THE RIGHT: thanks to Trump and other RW Leaders NO Immigration compact and the declaration that the States have a right to secure their borders and set limits to immigration. Voting Right-Wing repays, vote BNP in Britain too.

This is to the people who say “Nothing will change, they’re all the same”. No, they’re not, I’ve just read the good news of the day here At the G7 in Sicily the transnationalist, globalist multiculturalist agenda is blocked by Trump and other Right-wing leaders, instead of the communist-backed by Gentiloni sharing migrants from Africa non-stop “because they land” to Italy, which is untrue in reality “they land” because they go and take them Gentiloni is shamelessly in an agreement with Soros, they even met half-secretely in Rome and with the NGOs, they declared that every nation has the right to control and secure its borders and put limits to immigration. So Globalist-Nationalist 0-1.

Well, this is for the people who say about politicians “They’re all the same”, no they’re not, if you vote against mass-immigration you get a stop, you reap what you seed. Now in the UK and in France there are the elections for the renewal of the Parliament if you want to strengthen your borders and put an end to mass immigration you must vote BNP in Britain and for Dupont Aignan in France. Do it.

Don’t be fatalist, be positivist: what you seed, you’ll reap at the right time.

G7 Leaders Meet In Sicily

TAORMINA, ITALY – MAY 26: Nationalists have won against the Globalists thanks to the people who voted Brexit, Trump and Right-wing. Do it again, vote BNP, because it is the most secure choice. As scandalous as it seems, also to vote Trump and Brexit was deemed “scandalous” be scandalous again and again and again until victory.

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