Save Lads’ Culture: vote BNP.


Even UKIP against the lads. Vote BNP instead.

Ah, Lads’ culture: the big enemy of humanity according to…even UKIP, what do they want to do at UKIP? prohibit burqas and prohibit lads’ culture, because there should be fat girls on the magazines’ covers to avoid body shaming of non Pamela Anderson looking girls etc. This is Left. I mean, having to choose either to live in a world where burqas and lads’ culture are both prohibited or both allowed and people can really choose, I’d choose where everything is allowed and not where everything is prohibited. It’s like they want to transform all Europe into a big Sweden, and I already feel the depression coming. Sweden is boring, feminists’ and radical Islam dominated, lads’ culture is their enemy. And that’s the result, they even have more rapes than in all other countries but Lesotho South Africa. That’s the result of prohibiting lads, culture. They arrest boys if they look at girls and then have gang rapes. Let’s put aside Sweden for now and let’s focus on saving what can be saved: Britain.

War against lads? No, thanks. And since the new UKIP is probably just as masonic as the Tories,  Tories guided by an illuminati little bitch who likes to wear leopard shoes.MayShoes Leopard print items are the symbol of beta kittens in in the Illuminati culture, she has the covers for Vogue shot by Annie Leibovitz and on the fake “other side” UKIP, that didn’t even file candidates in all bouroughs not to disturb her, wants to ban bikini models from the covers of the magazines to please the gay Illuminati too, so no more of this:LadsCulture

More gay culture instead, mor of dirty sodomy, it’s the straight “heterosexist” ones their enemies. I beg your pardon, Vote BNP. At least they’re straight.

I love lads’ culture, I find it funny, I detest rapists but I just don’t like castrated men, it’s unjust towards them and it’s unjust towards us.

I give you two examples of heterosexist right-wing culture, one for boys and the other for girls, here’s the best for boys I could find.

They’re sexist, but they’re like they have energy and they smile and look alive.

The one for girls is this one: you better have smooth legs 

And..oh dear we depend on men’s judgement for beauty and sexiness, really? We don’t prefer to be ugly feminists you don’t understand whether they’re men or lesbians?

Please, vote BNP. I’m not joking or they’ll transform the UK into a boring, anti straight culture, feminists and burqas dominated like Sweden, and you’ll probably will even have more rapes. You risk to end up all like Julian Assange and without the Ecuadorian Embassy’s protection. I checked the programs, the BNP is the only party not against lads’ culture: vote them.

Heart shaped logo.


I love you guys.

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