Paul, I do agree with you, but please make the endorsement for the BNP. I see no other solution. If the BNP takes seats they will push/force May to shut the borders and repatriate the jihadi linked immigrants for fear of …Corbyn PM.

I agree with pretty much everything P. J. Watson says in this sad video. But, he still doesn’t do the endorsement for the Elections 2017.

Now the endorsement of Infowars is extremely powerful particularly with the english speaking people, in France with Marine LePen didn’t go as well as we had expected but the average french voter does not read or follows the channels in english, in english all the videos, the endorsements are extra powerful because they are understood by everybody every single voter and not only by the people who can speak english as a foreign language, now you know the situation, jihadis who “return” and go up and down, the leftists and their free for all culture – but not in their neighbourhood – even if the BNP doesn’t take 60% of the seats to govern when they reach enough seats in the Parliament they can impose to the Tories their shut the borders and repatriate the jihadis policy and May would have to comply forcefully because the alternative would be Jeremy Corbyn PM which thing they fear more than ISIS, even because they have probably used this ISIS thing to try and impose the police state, the BNP would break their plans.

We don’t get used to Terror Attacks, because Europe is not a muslim country the foreigners we allow in the country must be hundred per cent safe people, as soon as they create problems they must be repatriated and the huge numbers must be blocked. The BNP can impose this in Parliament if the Tories don’t reach the absolute majority they must comply with someone and this someone must be right-wing it cannot be the lib-dem who in any case are disappearing.

Paul, I beg you and Alex, do the f*****g endorsement.

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