Manchester bombing: Andrew Neil criticises Prevent for believing education can stop terror | UK | News | – Even if it were true, education is given by the family and only partially by the school and if families teach certain things they will prevail.

Education is only partially given by the school, primarily it is given by the family and then there is the “catechism” what is taught by the religious institution the family sticks to for family religion; now we must accept that Jews and Muslims are not given the same set of values as Christians, Jews are taught to lie to non Jews and that all the non Jews – vulgarily called goym not Genteels really, Saint Paul called us Genteels – are potential enemies of the jewish communities and so they teach such monstrosities: “it is in the jewish interests that the monolitic ethnic nations disgregate because they form a too compact bloc that may crash down the jewish community, and to lie to the goym is a strategy of survival for the poor jewish minority” this is taught like catechism to christians, don’t be fooled about it. In muslim families imams, mums and dads teach that westerners are all sluts and white men are not real men – because they let us women do what we want which thing we appreciate a lot instead, thanks, darlings – and that they have a god-given duty and right to conquer the West. Even though there are exceptions, the sole strategy to block this is not to be outnumbered by foreigners with a radically different education, religion and culture and to spy and control what they do in the jewish community and in freemasonry, detach yourselves from there and vote Right-wing: BNP. That’s the solution. Make the apartheid from the leftists.


Bear in mind that what I told you about the Jews they really say it and teach it as a method of survival for themselves because unlike everybody else they haven’t got only enemies, they focus instead like crazy on potential enemies and potential enemies are obviously everybody else, even people who helped them, they always think “in the future they may change mind and crash us down” therefore the obsession with breaking down powerful state nations desegregating them, Britain included not just Germany, or Iran or Libya or Syria, Iraq all; they are like this, get over it and spy and keep under control their community.

ANDREW Neil criticised Britain’s counter-terror Prevent strategy for believing that education could stop future attacks like the Manchester Arena bombing.

Source: Manchester bombing: Andrew Neil criticises Prevent for believing education can stop terror | UK | News |

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