The Situation in Sweden is dangerously three-polarized: the white leftists, the immigrants and the hard right now live in three separated “cultural boxes” with three completely different cultures and this is not going to be nice.


Swedish women are very proud but they don’t understand it’s the swedish men who let them do, migrants can gang rape them and they shut up, because the wicked swedish system lets them get away with it.

I read Red-Ice to get informed from Sweden etc. now the situation is not even two polarized it is three-polarized, the hard right is becoming extreme, in the last article I read they reject democracy, they don’t want either migrants and now not even democracy. The Sweden Democrats are considered kind of too moderate. The white leftists go on taking immigrants settling them into council housings, feeding them like herds and then abandon them running away in totally white lefty areas, they despise openly the right-wingers, both the Sweden Democrats and the hard-right, but secretly, unspokenly they despise also the migrants, don’t share anything with them, if the migrants happen to move into their own neighbourhood they change flat and choose another white lefty neighbourhood without migrants, being the white leftists the ones who control the best jobs they still can afford it, to move into the most expensive white migrants-free neighbourhoods, when they cannot afford it anymore they’ll have to deal with it. This is what they really do, beyond the nonsense about cultural equality they say and their boasted, extreme anti-racism. What they do in the lefty parties they do it probably only for money and career issues.

The immigrants rarely integrate, often they are hard-line muslims who despise both independent women and gays, the white lefty establishment knows it and broke the basics of the Rule of Law, it is not written openly but it is said that both gay rights, that in Sweden are extreme, and women’s rights must be imposed solely in the white ambients, otherwise the muslim immigrants rather than accepting gay rights for their own children would go away and the lefty establishment cannot bring about the invasion of Sweden any longer, hey guys I’m not joking, the double measure for white guys and non white immigrants is planned coldly it doesn’t happen casually. So, all in all we can say there’s no Rule of Law anymore. The game of pretending to despise the Right but to be friendly with the migrants is blatantly fake, moreover the immigrants despise so much the average swedish woman who walks too proud that use rape as a punishment for what they see as a lack of humility, the underline thought is: ” so she learns to think she’s like a man, she’s not like a man, it’s the swedish men who are not true men etc.”. It’s unfortunately the women who want to be kind with them who are more likely trapped in this wicked game and have the worst part of it, the racists or the cunning ones try basically to avoid any contact with the muslims, even the leftists who know perfectly they are lying about equality of cultures. If you feel a feeling of despise for the Swedes and think “they are dumb, it won’t happen to me” be careful because the leftists in your country are trying to do the same. The rape law in Sweden is absurd, do you know Julian Assange’s case? He was accused of rape because a woman he had a three days relationship with said he had sex with her while she was sleeping and didn’t use the condom that she always told him he had to use, Assange says “no, I didn’t have sex with her while she was sleeping and didn’t try without condom” that’s the case, Assange was 7 years in a sort of elegant prison in London and tell me how can a judge find out the truth in this sleeping-sex-case with no evidence of violence whatsoever, but since Assange is white and in Sweden the word a woman is considered superior to the word of a white man he risked too much, all this while non white men gang rape till death women and are sentenced three or maximum seven years jail instead of twenty. Because they’re non whites. The country is disgusting and we must stop the leftists doing this in ours, moreover the hate speech laws must be scrapped totally, the Swedes who tried to do or say something against this were put on a trial for racism and hate speech and instigation to racial hatred, the level of the swedish hate speech laws is this, they kind of put a paedophile in a room with children and the paedophile rapes the children, an old swedish lady says “the paedohile raped the poor children” and she’s put on a trial for hate speech against a vulnerable minority the paedophile, and arrested while the paedophile is declared vulnerable and sentenced to a couple of days of community service and given a job to integrate in society which society is declared racist and this is why paedophiles are such, and peadophiles in the end are unlucky they must be given some reparation for this struck of bad luck of not being white straight males who like grown up women with big round breasts – they are the real enemy – that’s the moral level of the swedish hate speech laws, their sympathy for the devil is miserable, stinks to the core and it is disgusting and disturbing. This is why in the UK I support the BNP for scrapping the anti-discrimination and hate speech laws. Actually in the UK Katie Hopkins was reported to the police for hate speech for tweeting “These are your women, men, stand up and do something” in their opinion this is hate speech. So, be brave and support the BNP for scrapping the hate speech laws.

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  1. Nation states in Europe are beginning the process of dis-integration. Social cohesion is gone.


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