The Stasi has lost: Facebook will not delete videos of violent death, abortion and self-harm, leaked guidelines show. And this is better than Angela Merkel and Yvette Cooper, here’s why.

It has emerged that the new Stasi headed by historic Stasi agents like Angela Merkel- sweet home DDR – wanted in the name of vulnerable people to take down “extreme” content from facebook, starting with suicide, self harm, terror threat then down to cyberbullyism, then down to racial and hate speech violence, then down to “fuck off”, then down to voting right-wing and saying “in my courtyard a clandestine immigrant is defecating and torching cars” and then the Stasi instead of arresting the uncivil who, I don’t know why, defecates in the street and torches cars, arrests the poor lady for writing “hate speech” on facebook. And, it’s Putin. As for abortion, people, must open their eyes, that’s abortion, and stop saying it’s not killing an unborn baby because it looks very much like it. In Italy I read an article where a woman who had an abortion at home with the pill RU486 got shocked because she saw the embryo baby-shaped falling down in the water closet when she was told by a nurse it would be like abundant menstruation, she got shocked and repented and started writing “I’ve killed my baby in the water closet”.

I always reminded myself that I have to face reality, It would be convenient for me who am a  woman that abortion were not killing a baby but reality bytes, I tell you, if you don’t want to get pregnant better watch out before.

All in all, it’s better like this. Fuck the Stasi and fucking Angela Merkel, our western culture is based on freedom of speech, freedom of press and private property, can you get it? We don’t want any DDR, like we don’t want real fascism and Angela Merkel has lowered the standard of living of the german that used to be very high before she came with her unconstitutional open door policy and unconstitutional stasi-like censorship, because the Chancellor of Germany cannot, must not be allowed to abolish the external borders of the nation and then censors everybody who criticizes her and her open doors policy this is valid both for Merkel, Stasi and DDR, and for Gentiloni former member of the Italian Communist Party. These are people who hated Reagan’s America and were on the side of Soviet Union, we saved them but they don’t deserve it they must be processed. They don’t share our western values. We were on the side of the USA, freedom of speech, entrepreneurialism and private property and they were on the side of Soviet Union, they cried when Stalin died, you know: they are the enemy and must be fought off and destroyed, we must take back control of our countries.

Facebook is refusing to delete videos and images of “violent death”, abortion and self-harm because the web giant does not want to censor its users, it has emerged.

Source: Facebook will not delete videos of violent death, abortion and self-harm, leaked guidelines show

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  1. Those who advocate and promote abortion want to ban photos and videos of the harsh reality of abortion. Such photos and videos show exactly what abortion is. The pro-aborts do this in the US all the time as they try to block the images displayed at demonstrations on college campuses and in the public square. Pictures paint thousands of words. Those promoting abortions will say these pictures are “fake”, but these came right from the abortion facilities and have been verified by former abortionists.


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