The Poles are right in not accepting refugees or immigrants from Africa and Asia, they joined Schengen, no one told them they should accept abolishing the external borders of the EU, had they been told so, they would say NO and in Brussels they know it, so now they must shut up and accept white christian Europe. – POLITICO

Let alone the hypocritical attitude of Politico describing the situation, a Country has any right to see its own identity respected, but at the EU they are wrong and liars, when you join the EU they tell you: “You’ll have to abolish the border with Austria and France” and you say “Yes, ok, and about the external borders?” they hypocritically and liars reassure you “You haven’t got to worry about that, Italy, Spain and Greece will protect the external borders and if a clandestine immigrant lands there they’ll repatriate him or if he is an asylum seeker they’ll have to accept him on their own soil at their own expenses” you say “Yes, ok, that’s the deal”. Afterwards they start saying it was in the EU unspoken pact that the european values include abolishing the external borders with Africa and Asia and you must accept floods of muslim african and asian immigrants/refugees transforming your nice christian country or european white nation etc. into a shithole with muslim men and sharia patrols and women in a chador because “that’s the european values”. It is untrue, that’s not “european” that’s african and asian and at the EU they must be deprived of the right to use the adjective “european” for their things, they use it with the opposite of its true meaning: they lie and they know it and the muslims are not europeans. It’s Brussels’ fault if they try to “trick” the member states continuously promising one thing in the Treaties and then changing rules afterwards “because there is the emergency” emergency created by them on purpose. I’d rather exit altogether that accept my country to become a muslim country. And it’s all and only Brussels’ fault.

An ethnically homogenous nation battles EU efforts to distribute asylum seekers.

Source: Why Poland doesn’t want refugees – POLITICO

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