Dear Douglas, to be called a racist is good, but it isn’t enough, you must be called anti-semite and tell CLEARLY that it is the jewish component of society under Rothschild that fuels the holocaust-based claim that the whites must feel guilty. Book claims elites in UK are encouraging mass immigration  | Daily Mail Online

Journalist Douglas Murray writes in his new book The Strange Death Of Europe that our political leaders have knowingly colluded in the ‘mass movement of peoples into Europe’.

Yes, and this is good, but still not perfect.

Before analysing this DM’s piece I want to praise all the fascists, and far-right wingers and white suprematists strutting in the streets for having the guts to refuse perks by Rothschild for keeping the freedom to tell the truth.

Those far-right-wingers who are and did the ice-breakers for the others to step in and say pretty much the same things once it wasn’t considered scandalous any more for the people have been desensitized.

I am proud of what I do and I do it coldly.

Everything I write here, from the good to the bad is not a slip, it is decided.

Now this book is good, or better it is a good thing, but it misses a point: there’s no real “sense of guilt for the empire” of our élites, this is the fake story the Guardian wants the people to believe. No one feels guilty for Queen Victoria’s empire of for the Emperor of Austria’s palaces, people, the in-born population, show off with pride these things: “This was the palace of our King” – in Bayern, Southern Germany – “these were the wonderful jewels and clothes of the Empress”, when they don’t still say, and I know it, “Our” Emperess, dead and buried and she is – the Sisi -. The Anglo-saxon Britons are on average proud of their empire and also the others, in Austria and Co. People still like Julius Caesar more than poor Saint Francis. “Jesus Christ was born under Emperor Augustus, because he had brought peace – Augustus ed. notes – and God thanked us sending Jesus when he was emperor”. People always defend their ancestors. I told you a hundred of times if I told you once: it’s the fucking Jews who damningly do not belong here and do not “make group” together with us; it is the fucking jewish component of society that after controlling the assertions on the holocaust censoring also the other jews who didn’t agree with them through the satanic amount of money handled by the fucking Rothschilds who behave like a sect managed, not to make people feel guilty as you say, but to blackmail sexually an amount of politicians all gathered in “exclusive” clubs whose purpose was to put them in embarrassing situations, file the evidences and then use them as material for blackmail: this is Rothschild, this is Israel, this is the Left. The war against Grammar Schools is rooted into the wish to have just a very restricted number of people eligible for the top jobs in a country. As Theresa May shows, with the very good state-schools and  or grammar school you just have too many “potential PMs” and you cannot blackmail them all. The habit of gathering all the potential ruling class in one or two universities only, then gather the ones who, for family background, are most eligible in one room and then snap photographs to blackmail them is due to the long term plan of the so called Illuminati to control the people in the future ruling class. You may not believe it, but the Illuminati plan IS long term like a religion.

The situation has deteriorated ever since photographs are easy to take, in fact in the past to compromise a politician you should have hand written letters signed by him and it was rare, and letters were easy to burn, then for a while the photograph machines were enormous and did a flash and could not be hidden, then they invented the bullingdon club. I am still convinced Cameron and Osborne, let free, would support Brexit. Rothschild and the “bad jews” cannot blackmail Corbyn, Theresa May and Farage because they come from other ambients and they fight against the grammar schools because it raises too much the number of potential ruling class members and they cannot spy and blackmail them all.

What to do with the Jews who are not in this club? Support them, but support them one by one individually and without promising anything for Israel. For example Jared Kushner vs FBI, Kushner is right, because he did what every other politician in Washington does and the others who did the same as he, if they are democrats are not put on a trial. Moreover I mark that Russia and the USA are not at war now and were not at war during the electoral campaign so if you can meet a german minister in a pub in Washington – given that these people meet in pubs – you can meet also a russian, it’s the same. No one ever complained that Juncker or Merkel wanted to “hack the elections” because they supported openly Clinton and lost etc.

But the jewish lobby is responsible of this anti-white christian mess.

You have the rabbis saying “until the whites don’t experience a genocide there’s no justice” they don’t care about the white anti-fascists and anti-nazis, they rabbis teach the jews at their schools “the goys wanted to kill us” NOT “the Nazis wanted to kill us and other goys helped us” and there are rich Jews who are mentally controlled by these rabbis. You must face it, you must be called anti-semite and toast about it. You’ll feel free. I do.

Source: Book claims elites in UK are encouraging mass immigration  | Daily Mail Online

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  1. Anyone who has grown tired of hearing the holocaust story over and over again must be “anti-Semitic”. What a useless smear, a tired old canard that term is.

    Revisionists have debunked the holocaust. There is no need (nor virtue in) to feel guilty any more. Wake up people and see who is destroying Western Civilization.


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