I detest doing this. Gianvito Rossi didn’t like Serena Williams, maybe because she looks like a man, other black and non white feminine women were welcome. And people with money must stop begging for free items. Someone must pay these shoes or they can change the price.

Someone must pay the shoes, they probably do the celebrity discount only to celebrity they think they are fashionable, sexy, feminine, let’s say that Serena Williams is masculine and moreover is this celebrity discount obligatory? At that point they can just change the price, since only celebrities and rich people can buy these items.

I think Italians don’t like political correctness and never will, and I would like to remind the americans and the english that Tony Blair had to send to jail people who said the n* word or “paki” etc to make the Britons swallow political correctness, or they wouldn’t like it either. I’m against gay marriages and I’m against quotas for minorities, that’s “your” culture, not mine. Versace was the first to put Naomi Campbell on the spotlight but he did it because she had a stunning body, had she been short and fat, or on steroids, he wouldn’t do it “because she’s black”. Serena Williams was probably called “disgusting” because she is on steroids and looks terrible, to accuse Gianvito Rossi not to want her as a testimonial “because she’s black” is vulgar. I’m also not a Gianvito Rossi’s icon, and those shoes are not for me, not even my style, too high and too sexy. But that’s not the point. The point someone makes that “Italians don’t like diversity” is true: Italians like beauty, you are obsessive with diversity and transexuals because let’s say it, you are wicked and sexually perverted and you arrested the Britons who didn’t like all this diversity and dared to say it instead of shutting up. Now they shut up: you convinced them, they like diversity more than a prison cell. Come on. No, I don’t want Italy reduced like this. And I believe the opinion crime and all these hate speech laws must be abolished. In Britain Police officers were spied on their cell phones where SMS were found where they used offensive slang terms and then got sacked. Your love for diversity is psychodrama, it’s like a raped woman forced to say she loves the abuser.

Only good news, the Rotherham gang rapists are sent to jail, and maybe will be deported to Pakistan and I support the deportation.  Your love for diversity had much worse side effects than a racist jibe. I consider racism vulgar, but the collateral effects of your hate speech laws are criminal. Freedom of Speech for all, then who’s vulgar will talk vulgarly, who’s elegant will talk elegantly and everyone will get their place in society.

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