Are they not ashamed of anything? Greek MPs pass further austerity measures amidst violent protests to get another tranche of bail-out, but the money will obviosuly go to the creditor banks not to the Greeks– POLITICO

Pensions cuts and tax increases and what for? I quote, with copy and paste for maximum security:

“Greek MPs late Thursday voted in favor of a packet of pension cuts and tax increases that should pave the way for the next tranche of bailout funding to the indebted nation.

The measures include pension cuts in 2019 and tax increases in 2020, which together would save about €5 billion.

The victory for Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ government comes just days before Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos heads to Brussels for Monday’s Eurogroup meeting with his eurozone counterparts.”

The measures include pension cuts in 2019 and tax increases in 2020.

The “victory” for Alexis Tsipras. That is a victory, what you call a triumph, don’t you, you would like to “win” like this.

So, they do not bring the country outside of the eurozone, they stay like this, cutting pensions and raising taxes to obtain another tranche of the bailout…for the greek economy? NO for the banks, so they impose austerity to the greek citizens so the other unfortunate EU citizens have to give their own tax money to the creditor banks that are in Germany on the base that the Greeks are on austerity,  instead of declaring the debt unsolvable and the banks have just lost the money for they did the wrong investment. They don’t allow the Greeks to exit the eurozone otherwise they wouldn’t have  any means to extort our money for another greek bailout and the banks would lose the money, because the money for the greek bailout go to the banks always. Have you understood? Tsipras’ fucking “victory”? Tsipras is a servant of the banks and honest EU nations before dissolving this usurer bank that tries to look like something else and goes after the name of “EU” must refuse to participate to the greek bailout because it is a bailout of the fucking german banks, called greek bailout to make people drink that the money of the bailout go to the poor greeks.

Gentiloni must NOT participate to this “greek bailout” It’s the banks that did the wrong investment, it’s the banks that must lose the money. End of.

And the Greeks who still don’t want to exit eurozone and EU are silly, dumb, stupid, ignorant or….if they know what they’re doing, just traitors.

The europhile politicians are all servants of the banking system,

Source: Greek MPs pass further austerity measures amidst violent protests – POLITICO

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  1. The Greeks are in debt to the banks that is for sure. However, their successive governments kept living beyond their means for many years. The Greek voters kept rewarding fiscally irresponsible governments for many years. The Greeks need to look in the mirror. They made the bed that they now have to lie in.


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