And do you call this a Democracy? The proven self confessed evidence France IS a banana republic: France’s secret plan to ‘Protect the Republic’ in case of Marine Le Pen victory

So my accusations that France is a South American level banana republic, with the difference that Duterte can stand up to Rothshcild and Juncker, France can’t,  so it’s even inferior level, is true. Actually Macron’s team, Hollande were preparing a coup, and I call it coup because that’s it, not to let Dupont Aignan, who moreover is a gaullist become Prime Minister.

And this is clearly why Marine LePen decided to lose as I noticed in my exhausted post two days after the defeat; because the very day after I was too tense even to write.

No, I don’t accept this; Dupont Aignan had any legal right to be named Prime Minister and the Front National is a legal party with no connection whatsoever to any nazi or anti-semite group, it was the Israelis against Dupont Aignan, much more than against Marine LePen because he’s honestly pro-Palestine.

Hollande is a third world class “marshall in a suit”. That’s it. France is a banana republic. If I were a french stalwart not wishing to emigrate to Switzerland I’d still vote Dupont Aignan. The rioters are just an alibi for the socialists, they used them as an excuse to block LePen because they don’t want to lose the grip on power like a dog that does not want to lose the bone.

Only despise for them. This is third world and I call it third world. And Paris has become shitty and dirty. By the way, Christian Dior has a jewish ambassador probably imposed by Rothschild too. This is their way to handle “democracy” and the “Republic”. Do they even know what Republic means? What’s in France is just an oligarchy led by jewish bankers that doesn’t want to lose the bone.

Vote Dupont Aignan, to vote LePen is evidently useless. She should say it and stand up against it, and Hollande and Cazeneuve should be arrested for attempted coup. Cazzo!

France had a secret plan to “Protect the Republic” if far-Right candidate Marine Le Pen had won the presidential election, amid fears of “extreme violence” it has been reported.

Source: France’s secret plan to ‘Protect the Republic’ in case of Marine Le Pen victory

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