Theresa May’s pledge to force Internet Companies to take down extremist material is in conflict with the purpose of this website. I cannot support her any longer, for me Corbyn can win. At the beginning there is the Word. Always.


Corbyn – May. The funeral of free speech? Hopefully not.

I have been a committed supporter of Brexit, but Theresa May was a mild remainer and honestly UKIP, Farage, Jonhson and Gove and Priti Patel and many more did the job, for her to become PM.

Now I had the impression she wanted a hard Brexit, the sole Brexit that can cut the leash totally with the ECJ and doesn’t give any EU-related Institution any power over Britain. But. Like an Easter’s Egg there’s a surprise and I don’t like it: among the official pledges of the Tory Manifesto there’s no pledge about Brexit, kind of end of free movement end of the ECJ’s power over Britain, in compensation  there is a threat against free speech, internet platforms should be forced to remove extremist content and will be fined etc.

I know where this brings, and I don’t like it. I don’t sell my freedom of speech for her. I would support wholeheartedly a candidate that restores free speech, abolishes the hate crime laws and supports the Hard Brexit. I could support Nuttall if I thought he ‘s adapt to the case, but UKIP doesn’t even present candidates in all constituencies and they only want Brexit being delivered by Theresa May, not a word about free speech. I’ve been watching political competitions for a while, you don’t win ” a couple of seats” if you want to win a couple of seats, you win a couple of seats if you give 100% to win the whole Parliament, if you want just to win a couple of seats you don’t get anyone at all. Politics is a very big game, you usually take less than your target, you win a landslide majority if you aim to win the 100% of the constituencies, if you want to win a little you risk to take nothing at all: you must fight to win everywhere, it’s a hard game, it’s power.

Jeremy Corbyn? I like him personally, but ethically I can’t support a lefty candidate in another country, for my rule that if I support a right-wing candidate in my country I must support the right-wing candidate also in the other countries or else it is lack of respect.

I may make an exception for Jeremy Corbyn, only if he pledges the abolition of the opinion crime and gives free speech for all. Remember Jeremy that you and Ken Livingstone were put on a delusional and shameful trial for being pro Palestine. Pledge on free speech and the abolition of the opinion crime and I support you. Because Saint John said: “At the beginning there was the Word and the Word was near God and the Word was God. He was at beginning near God”.

Without freedom of Speech we don’t get anywhere, all the rest, even Brexit wouldn’t be possible, a lot of things I wrote to push Brexit under the Swedish laws are considered criminal, Swedes residents in Sweden who wrote pretty much the same were put on a trial and arrested for “hate speech” etc. and I don’t like this. I won’t end up like that. Free speech must be restored everywhere, Sweden included. This is our pledge.

I support the one who gives free speech, because the rest is inferior level. By God’s words.

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