Our Values are not the Values of the EU. Why the Italians must read “The Populist” and not “Repubblica”.

The Populist – Il Populista – screenshot of the homepage
You have to read Il Populista and StopEuro – beautiful name, right? – NOT Repubblica, Corriere and La Stampa; read Il Giornale and of course Blondet & Friends, NOT the Huffington Post, or if and when you read them, read them as if you entered a foreign territory because they are foreign territories. I repeat it to the benefit of the common good: of newspapers you must always know the property, the ownership of Repubblica, Corriere and La Stampa is always Carlo DeBenedetti; it is an Israeli-Hebrew press written in Italian to push you to do the opposite of your best interests. Do not be fooled by the Israeli word, believing it is right-wing and militarist, the Israelis are right-wing and militarists only for themselves, otherwise they push people to make the left open to minorities because in that context they are a minority. Why are these newspapers pro-Euro and pro EU? I have to explain to you immediately, because the EU was also founded by communist Jews, as in the Treaty of Lisbon the constitution not constitution, degraded at the level of an international treaty because it was rejected as a constitution and that french Jews wanted to approve without or against a referendum, it is very clear on the EU’s identity, that identity that the EU tries to impose to Europe: the identity of Europe viewed by the EU is NOT Greek-Roman Christian open eventually to little numbers of minorities, it is not even Greek-Roman-Celtic-Germanic Christian, which would be the true identity of Europe, the one identity that for them, who are Jews, is basically the monster to break down. They have put themselves there to destroy Europe from Caesar to Christ passing through the rest with Hitler’s excuse, look at what is written on the EU’s wikipedia official website written by the EU itself:

“As regards the internal situation, the European Union has promoted the harmonization of national legislation on asylum policy for refugees, and aims to combat racism, homophobia and xenophobia through support for a network of Non-governmental organizations and a specific agency. “

In the English profile on wikipedia they wrote this:

“The treaties state that the EU is founded on the values ​​of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law – and it is not true they always break the rule of law for some crisis Ed. notes- human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities … in a society where pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail. “

As you see, this is a list of rootless values. There is no Greek-Roman history and there is no Christian religion, the Greek-Roman-Germanic-Celtic Christian majority is ignored, pay attention to this, there’s not the christian majority kind to some minorities, the christian majority does not exist, there are only and directly the minorities, in the center there are these minorities and no religion, because the European Union was founded by the Jews For the Jews who pose themselves – the minority – in the most important place and don’t want to give importance to the Greek-Roman-Celtic-Germanic majority, it hasn’t got to be named, it is utterly considered the enemy, the monster to be demolished, they don’t even say the name for fear it materializes, that majority from which the poor Jews must defend themselves by destroying them and opening the borders to bring into millions of other “others” not to be alone as a minority and possibly in a war with us, to coalesce with them and to win – I’m not joking, this is their “real” point of view. These are the values ​​of the Jews in Europe, who change as Alice through the Looking Glass when they move to Israel, where they become far right, all blood and soil. Like, for example, Fiamma Nirenstein, Carlo DeBenedetti, Roberto Saviano, all of them extreme lefty open to the “other” to the “different” in Italy and then to the far right in Israel, because Israel is only for the Jews. All.

When you read Repubblica, La Stampa, Il Corriere, you read what the Jews want you to do: welcome immigrants, idolize the “other” the “diverse” aka them  – it’s so easy to see – do the holy week of Holocaust and deny the Greek-Roman Christian identity, or Celtic -Germanic etc. Because it is not theirs. Then, again, they are pro-Israel, as if it were meaningful to anyone who is not Jewish to be so lefty, so “open” and then pro-Israel. The “other”, the diverse – from christian -, meaning “themselves” must be your master. They have said clear and round that Greek-Roman-Celtic-Germanic Christian, usually abbreviated as “white Christian” is what Europe “must not” be therefore they bring loads of migrants, and therefore also in Italy, Auschwitz must be the center of your thoughts, you have to feel guilty in front of them and pay the repair money to them. Not that they say so, in order to avoid anti-Semitic reactions, they make it said by people who are similar to you: communist, lefty people, who are almost always born in christian families, such as Boldrini or Renzi or Tony Blair etc who take orders from them and they bring about the self-invasion and are pro EU and pro Euro and in practice do the Kapo of the population, well and Paul VI said: “Freemasonry is controlled by a limited number of five or six Jews,” I believe the Rothschilds, who are Zionists, the founders of the State of Israel, and the leaders of the pro-mass immigration Left in Europe and the United States. Like Fiamma Nirenstein: communist in Italy and right-wing in Israel. This is La Stampa, Corriere and Repubblica. The newspapers you must read must be owned by Italian Christians, they must hold your own point of view; If you read Stop Euro, or the Populist or even the Berlusconi’s Il Giornale you feel like you’re back home: they think like you do, don’t want to be expropriated by immigrants, be careful, welcoming the refugees is not welcoming the refugees it is actually expropriation of the Country and it is thought of as such, so you have to say No etc. This is because the point of view is of another Italian, Silvio Berlusconi, not of an Israeli Carlo DeBenedetti because the owner is Italian. When I used to read Repubblica I felt as if I had a knife in my belly, you no longer had to be christian, Christianity meant to build mosques, mass immigration will last for years and cannot be stopped, millions of people will come and Italy will no longer be the same, and you have to accept it … this is because they are Jews I’m not kidding they are not in our group*, they can give Israel to the refugees if they like. As far as Il Giornale is blandly philo-Israel and this must stop, unless they cheat to keep them good, that is, they are part of it, but they do not care. See the blogroll on the homepage of the website Freword And Friends Italia, where there are among others the links to the press that I quoted above, also Grillo can be read, because he gives important news, but be careful because if DiMaio and DiBattista were invited to Harvard, it means they were ammanicated with international freemasonry otherwise they would not be able to go.

*I have to notice with pleasure that the Chief Rabbi of Hungary, as reported rightly precisely by Il Populista, defended Orban from the EU’s accusations of antisemitism. At least he doesn’t want Hungary to be invaded.

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