DDR creeping, in Germany the State takes private properties to settle refugees AGAINST the will of the owners and does not pay the market price. In Sweden old Lady on a trial for hate speech for saying on facebook the migrants were defecating on the road and it was true. FREE SPEECH FOR ALL NOW!

Angela Merkel is not at the height of leading Germany, certainly not western Germany, she’s a DDR former communist and it shows; in the town of Hamburg the State has taken properties against the owners’ will to host migrants or refugees and even does not pay the market price for the rent while the owner must pay for the renewal at his own expenses at the market price. This is communism out of metaphor. Merkel cannot go beyond her Stasi education. This is DDR link

In Sweden and old Lady tried to do what we do, for example me here or Infowars and posted on facebook the true news that the migrants were defecating on the road and now is…on a trial for hate speech and instigation to hate towards an ethnic group. The literally shitty migrants I suppose link. They were also torching cars, but it’s the swedish lady who was against them on a trial. Seriously. This is to explain to you in full while the first pledge of a politician must be to grant the right to free speech for all also in case of hate speech and racism. Because the leftists categorize as extreme content everything against the migrants – or against Israel – etc. Now the opinion crime must be abolished completely, this must be the pledge of the politicians, in fact it’s this kind of trials for hate speech that have brought to the rise of rapes blacks or asians vs whites both in Sweden and in Britain; our values are NOT the EU values, our values are telling the truth and be free, no opinion crime. I’m a white suprematist.

Like this one

And. After this one you may realize you’ve always been a nazi and a white suprematist too. Even if btw you’re black.

Do you realize what’s happening?

Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone were put on a sort of trial for alleged anti-semitism they may find the way, they must introduce the return to total free speech for all. Or UKIP and Corbyn too.

I’d like to add it’s always Rothschild the head of this new-communism, anti white pro migrant agenda just like they were at the head of the classic communism. They’re back and they’re always the same. No private property, unless it’s their own or a bank’s, no rights to defend themselves against invaders and criminalization of the political Right unless it is for their own Israel etc. Same name, same problem: Rothschild-communism.

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  1. The Europeans are demoralized. Decades of socialism and communism and feminism have destroyed their will to fight for what is right. Cultural Marxism has destroyed Western civilization.


    • Western civilization is not destroyed yet and we shall rise up again, maybe even higher than to our usual standard and socialism and communism are not the same, in Italy the Communist Party hated the Socialist Party because the Socialists were patriotic as much as anti-fascist and defended both the workers rights and private property and entrepreneurialism, both freedom of religion and christian identity without allowing the clergy to step into politics and they protected the borders of the nation having moreover good relationships with the arab countries, they tried to find a balance and it brought to the economic boom all the job done together with another Party called Christian Democracy that was very Atlantic and a little more centrist. Women rights are obviously good, unfortunately what’s called “feminism” nowadays is a sick perversion of women’s rights and this is done on purpose.But real women’s rights must be defended only they don’t go under the label “feminism” any longer.

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