Theresa May is right in wanting a strong hand to put the EU back at the wall with a democratic mandate “No Deal is better than a bad Deal” so Gina Miller must shut up, because the citizens ARE voting to be able to send Juncker to hell, where he belongs to. “In the National Interest”.

The Tories are a bit concerned that Theresa May is playing too much the socialist, the christian socialist, on the other side there’s Corbyn, so they must vote her. They make such a fuss for a couple of grammar schools more, I have the impression at times the British upper class like the foreigners but strangely hate the white poor, they rather take nurses from abroad but not allow british kids study to become nurses etc. It is strange, but.

I want to focus on the EU drama.

They must understand what’s going on really, Gina Miller is the porteparole the spokesperson of a group of powerful people who were organizing for boycotting Brexit at the very last moment, that is, the so called, by me, nutcracker: they, from Britain, and Juncker and co. from the EU headquarter in Brussels agree against Theresa May who would have, like Catania’s procurator for the NGOs, enemies at her back and enemies at her front who agree to boycott Brexit, so the EU front doesn’t give the f****g Deal if Britain doesn’t accept the four principles etc. then instead of having to go on paying for EU people hanging on in Britain and accepting free movement etc. she Theresa would rather walk away with no Deal and revert to the tariffs, just 3% by the way, the Brexit bill or EU affiliation cost more and moreover the tariffs would be reciprocated so Germany and Holland would say no, and also France, and the EU would luckily break apart. So the hand of Theresa May would be extremely strong, if it weren’t that the enemies on british soil would shout with such little squeamish witches as Stella Creasy let’s say or Ms. Miller etc. they would say: “No, No, we can’t accept being excluded from the Single Market – sic – you haven’t got a mandate for Hard Brexit” and two years have gone. Now with Jeremy Corbyn scaring everybody, luckily, on the other side, the “power grab” of Theresa May can be extreme, she’s asking the people to vote for Hard Brexit and No Deal better than a bad Deal. Better than any Deal, I’d say, so the entire construct must mathematically crash down for the major economies linked too strictly to Britain would exit or trade tariff free against the f*****g Commission and there would be no EU any longer: my dream and hope.

So, go, vote for No Deal better than any Deal. Theresa May would have the hard brexit mandate and the Tory MPs would be all hard brexiteers, mathematically.

Mathematics cannot be always against Italy. At times is against the EU too.


As for the slogan “In the national interests” someone must tell Gentiloni, Renzi, Juncker, this is the new/old normal. And we feel fine.

Thanks to Jeremy too.

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