I have a suspicion: that Charles and Savile used paedophile rituals as initiations for all the newcomers into the Establishment to be able to commission crimes to them. Now they’re all corrupted and blackmailable and this is the meaning of the Prince’s note to Savile “No one will ever know what you have done for this Country, Jimmy”.

Certainly Charles thinks he’s cunning, he has sometimes a mocking face and says things he believes to be smart. The worst of it all can be found in this Guardian’s link


Charles reportedly sent him – to Savile – a box of cigars and a pair of gold cufflinks on his 80th birthday with a note that read: “Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.”

I am convinced that Charles and Savile organized and used paedophile orgies as initiation rituals to join the establishment to, in Charles’ stupid and wicked mind, be able to control them through blackmail and order them eventually criminal actions on behalf of them.

Charles is accused of murdering both the ex-lover Dale Tryon aka Lady Kanga who was thrown out of a window, survived and ended up on a wheelchair like Lady Gaga in the official video of Paparazzi, Lady Gaga who even physycally looks like her and is suspected to be a product of the british Royals, to whom she’s related and is very welcome at their philanthropic initiatives, to put on stage what they do – and she puts on stage human sacrifices and murdering ex girlfirends boyfriend etc. Dale Tryon didn’t want to exit the scene at a certain point she was reported to have said “I’m going to be Queen of England” and she died, he’s also rumoured to have commissioned the homicide of the ex-wife Diana, whose death was rather stupidly put on the paparazzi again. Very probably those strange paparazzi hunting the last days of Diana were agents sent to control her. She wanted to reveal the names and the activity of major weapon producers and war mongers in a last attempt to use positively her mediatic power and she had told, whom? Try and guess, her favourite medium, a professional witch that Diana used to visit and this is it, she did it it’s not invented, by Icke or anyone else, moreover the witch was a little smarter than she and had told her “no, don’t do it” but Diana never listened to good advice neither from priests nor from witches, nor from Royals. At that point she wanted to break the others too. She wasn’t happy with being excluded from the Royal family after all. To be an ex-princess must be embarrassing and humiliating just like to be a princess is flattering.

Now the establishement in Britain is very corrupted and very few people seem to have the freedom and the independence to stand against Rothshcild’s plan of destroying the nation, I believe Charles was played in his own game. He wanted the establishment to be blackmailable by him to own them and make them do what he liked and he ended up with an establishment wicked and blackmailable also by other people, smarter than he.


Lady Gaga human sacrifice 


Lady Gaga helping Prince William with mental health issues…they’re all crazy


Lady Gaga former lover on a wheelchair

I hope you realize that it’s not by chance that one artist is admitted at Court and another isn’t. This is the Court of the Windsors: human sacrifices, throwing ex lovers out of the window and pretending to help the needy, because they are “compassionate”.


I hope to have done justice to the Jews who may be a little angry with me, Lady Gaga is italian catholic and Prince Charles is english protestant. So, this time, it’s not them.

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  1. The evidence does indeed support the view that this is the way the criminals in charge maintain control. The silence from the UK establishment on this issue is deafening!

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