Homosexuality is a deviation. And it is a deviation “of course”.


Very controversial italian Education Minister Valeria Fedeli

The gays are sick and Minister Fedeli is a monster.
Homosexuality is a deviation of course. “Obviously” a deviation because heterosexual sex is due to an instinct of survival of the species, homosexuality is a blockade against heterosexual sex that turns into a libido “towards” a person of the same sex. There are lesbians who are lesbians because they are afraid that men are violent and can kill them. In any case, it can not be true that doctors say that homosexuality is a normal form of sexuality and that it is not true that the human species is binary: the human species is binary. When it does not look so binary something has gone wrong.

Journalists and Masons cannot decide for us or for the doctors or for the children they would give to gay couples only because unfortunately they have occupied positions of power and have no other authority than the fact that they have occupied such positions, by deception, and are synchronized.

I do not like to insult gays but since homosexuality is not genetic by promoting gay culture there is only the risk of increasing the number. Not to mention the Gender that is even worse, no one has the right to tell a little boy that he’s maybe a female, independently from the penis and a little girl that she’ s maybe male, independently from the body, so they would just be ruined as little ones. The Gender is the genetic sex, the rest is deviation and it must be recognized as such, you must not be able to ruin the healthy – or the potential healthy ones – not to offend the ill ones. Heterosexual people are much healthier and happier – do you know what a Trans has to go through? Sexually active homosexuals also have a lot of health problems because the body is not made for that kind of sexual intercourse and the whole biological building of the human body has its own sense – the envy for the lucky one that according to the left ones is “the heterosexual white male “must not lead to an increase in the number of the ill ones or to excessive rights for gays blacks and women even when they do not deserve them, such as pink quotas or breastfeeding in Parliament etc. Because they are / would be unlucky – who said that women are unlucky, in fact? – notwithstanding that everyone must be given their own and have their own merits acknowledged and rewarded and get chances in life: a woman must be able to become the leader of a multinational, but if she does not breastfeed in the middle of a meeting she does a favor to all etc.

Thanks to Vittorio Sgarbi who defended the children that the Masons gave to gays and who have remained without a mother – on the mother’s day he tweeted: “Best wishes to all the children of two fathers who today will look, in vain, for a mother to wish well”. Sgarbi is impressing me positively, I did not appreciate him in the past, but I’m appreciating him now, he can do the right-wing intellectual.

Adinolfi is a bit wrong because he links the struggle against gay marriage to Catholicism when certain things are obvious to the naked eye also of the atheists. Obviously, I repeat, homosexuality is a deviation, take a look at Pier Paolo Pasolini’s book Oil, and that’s the real homosexual ambient, do not think it’s different, even if Pasolini was perhaps exaggerated and other homosexuals have not that level of libido, if so can be called.

Besides, I have nothing against outing because I like the truth and people must be comfortable to say what they really think, homosexuals against the womb for rent gay weddings and gay adoption, I also mean for lesbians , they have to stay with us, I’ve met kids with no father and they were not happy, imagine those without a mother, can you do without creating orphans to give them to Tiziano Ferro? He’s an italian gay singer who wants to go for the womb for rent. And of the Freemasonry what do we do?

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  1. Homosexuality is a deviation, but you cannot say that any longer without being attacked as “homo-phobic”.

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