The subjects of Her Majesty? New british population asians and muslims, how long can this last? Funeral of Evha Jannath, 11, who died at Drayton Manor | Daily Mail Online

Impressive photographs of asian population holding a funeral for a little girl in Leicester and the police still goes against Tommy Robinson and kicked away from the country Nick Griffin not to disturb the quiet, intense replacement of the population.

These are the new british citizens, will their sons serve in the military? Will they be loyal to King/Queen and Country? It’s going to be over after Queen Elizabeth and this generation of last Britons? They play cool about it, the white leftists.

Will William have any “subjects” at all?

It’s Asia.

Tony Blair did this, but no one after him stopped it, all laws are against challenging mass immigration and about hate speech and co.

What next? Nothing probably. The happy generation of Britons of the nineties and the cool Britannia is over because they sold the country to the globalists to have a bit of fun without being disturbed, the stupid vulgar movies with Hugh Grant were already rotten. Actors, like journalists, repeated like idiots the political correct slogans, are “appalled” at Farage, very appalled at Griffin etc. Be appalled my dear, go on being appalled. The appalled face is paid well. They are dismembering the country from the inside. And the Establishment, whoever they are, is guilty. They must have sold the Country for the right to do black masses and orgies. Something happened in the nineties, with the paedophile pimp Jimmy Savile best guest at Buckingham Palace.

Now there is Gender and Islam. I don’t believe they will recover. It must have been Charles. And just so we know, may I ask who’s the british establishment who wanted this? The Establishment sounds like an object in reality it’s people. The people who wanted this? If not the jewish bankers, then the Windsors. Or Richard Branson.

Basically I think the Illuminati are stupid.


Grieving friends and family have gathered for the service in memory of 11-year-old Evha Jannath at Leicester’s Saffron Hill Cemetery, a week after she was fatally injured on a school trip.

Source: Funeral of Evha Jannath, 11, who died at Drayton Manor | Daily Mail Online

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