If Angela Merkel wants “further european integration” she must give the eurotransfer, or else shut up, we don’t want further integration in a meat mincer. Either Macron makes her understand or we pack our things, take our money and go back home.


Macron and Merkel.,have they spoken clearly? Because this eurozone thing cannot go on like this.

There’s nothing more intolerable than a german chancellor who wants “more european integration” and is “concerned about populism” then when it is about the eurozone she wants to keep it like this, with her country taking advantage on the others and keeping the surplus as german economy. I don’t want further integration into a meat mincer, for her we can all end up like Greece, as her debtors, she doesn’t put the money in common, we are destroyed by the eurozone, if someone says “we better exit” – from the meat mincer that’s the eurozone – that someone is suddenly accused of being a nazi or a fascist, but what the hell do they want? I don’t want to die for them. They want the euroarmy and further integration but when it comes to the eurozone they keep it like this: split into a cruel structure so they as germans can keep the money. We are not a european union, the germans do their own interests, call for further integration when it suits them and only about the things that suit them. You want further integration with Greece? Give them the eurotranfer and don’t let them starve. The germans must give the eurotranfer or we must close the eurozone. Clear? Have I being clear enough? I want an answer because I happen to have asked a question, can you hear me?

I’m sick and tired of being called a fascist and a far-right winger for I want to exit the eurozone and then if I say, ok, we stay but then give us the eurotransfer you say no, and if I try to exit, to save myself and my country, you accuse me of being a fascist and, honestly, this thing has gone too far, in a french post I wrote “in the end, better fascist than idiot” and I was thinking about them and their effing eurozone, among other things, such as, oh dear! immigration.

Now that Macron is up in arms with the new patriotic Prime Minister, she started saying that the eurozone must stay as it is now, so she, Holland and the eastern countries get the money and all the mediterranean ones lose them, for the rest – everything but the euro – she wants “further integration”, so we die before the timeline set for our economic death if we stay like this.

To want further integration on everything but the eurozone so you can keep the money of the surplus “as Germany” doesn’t make any sense and stop criticize and calling fascist the ones who want to exit from your claws, at least.

We better exit, the german will never give in about the eurotransfer and it has lasted long enough. There’s no solution.

Let’s hope, because Macron was put there “to save the EU” I don’t think it can be saved, they intend to suck more money form the net contributor states and making the mediterranean states collapse like Grece so when we split, because it’s going downwards and it will split you know, you know, the Germans will end up with an enourmour surplus and we with an enourmous debt. I hope that Rothschild cannot blackmail this Macron-Philippe duo, I am convinced, people were scared of LePen but there was a lot of emotion in that stupid fear: the eurozone is a meat grinder and that’s not LePen’s or Vichy’s fault. If they want to be honest for once.

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  1. Merkel was an East German Communist. No good for Europe.


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