Emma Watson turned out Gender-neutral; well, she was never sexy, not even when she was a woman. Other sexy Ladies are like this. Cis-men and cis-women are the best. Try to make your daughter a cis-girl before Watson ruins her.


Plane Jane turned gender neutral. Little effort, she was never sexy.

Well, the “news” that plane-Jane Emma Watson who was successful as a child but never really evolved has turned into gender-neutral is in the end little loss for humanity or sexiness, anyway: she was never sexy, not even when she desperately tried to be a sexy girl, maybe to be gender neutral for her is the best thing she can achieve without seeming a loser. But we must stand against the Gender theory and firmly. To use desperate actors on a loan to promote the gender is useless or just, if it serves a cause, it serves the cause to remind people that our ancestors who put actors just one little step above prostitutes were damningly right: they could support any cause if paid, any. That’s it. And the UN that uses actors as ambassadors in reality is destroying its true reputation.

There are psychologists and politicians who are not protecting the youth from these Illuminati garbage, messing up with little girls and boys telling them they can choose their gender and then if one chooses at 8 or 10 the opposite of the genetic one they start, after promoting the thing, saying “Parents don’t know it, but their daughter doesn’t identify as a girl, we must help her” and start injecting hormones into the little girl’s body until she loses completely health, other that can never be a man. Sex is gender. We are either males or females and in front of God “This is a good thing” . The Churches and honest people of all convictions must defend the youth from these experiments because they are such. Male and female are genetic traits and we are positivist.

Look at what healthy grown up girls can do and how beautiful they look – video below – they are. This is what a girl looks like, not “Caitlyn” Jenner or Conchita Wurst.

When you allow the school messing up with children’s identity and sexuality you are doing wrong and you must not allow them. Is it Justin Greening’s fault? because she’s lesbian? And what counts? we haven’t got to pay the bill for someone happens to be gay and lesbian and destroy the rest of humanity, they should please, and Theresa May? The christian? Is this “Tory” government in Britain promoting gender at school?

Once you ruin the physical health of a girl injecting hormones as a child they first of all will never be men, no matter what they think, and they give up the chance to be healthy women. All this decided by wicked teachers at school when they are under age and I don’t care if a grown up trans or an Oxford professor say they’re neither men nor women, it’s a problem of theirs not a problem of society and I don’t care if they say “If I had undergone gender reassignment as a child now I would be happy” you don’t count that much, we don’t destroy healthy kids for you. And if they commit suicide? That would be a liberation. people with suicidal tendencies have not the right to drag down the others to their level, like Lucifer: “I went to hell and now you must come down to hell with me, so I’m not the only one”.

This video is dedicated also to PJ Watson who mocked women playing soccer. Look at what they can do, who has the right to prevent a woman to become like this at 8 injecting hormones to block femininity?


Putin is right in making laws that prohibit to promote gay culture and gender, he’s the same as Margaret Thatcher, it’s the new Tories who are not. And the Right-wing Britons, whom are they supposed to vote if the Tories promote the Gender?

Plane Jane apart.

Piers Morgan was right.

Moreover, as a child I was a tomboy, I was told once, as a compliment “You play tennis like a man”, as a little child I was often told by my school mates “Paola è maschio” which means “Paola is a male” a friend of mine told me laughing, we were already university students “When I was a child, my uncle told us ‘I bring the boys to the football match’ and didn’t want to bring the female children and I wanted to go, then I put some paper into my underpants and told them ‘I’m a boy’ they laughed then brought me to the stadium as well without paper in my pants”, at 19 she was a perfectly healthy heterosexual woman who liked men and could wear both unisex jeans and shirts or miniskirt, but was never lesbian. How dare you mess up with little girls like me and my friends? She and I weren’t even the only ones, in the college where we stayed at there were at least another girl, straight and handsome-boys-worshipper who said the same “When I was a child I wanted to be a boy” or even “I said I was a boy”. You cannot understand us, boys used to have more fun, were brought around in playgrounds more often and at eight we didn’t care about sex and seduction, how dare you destroy women’s health like this? This is why there are more little girls who claim to be boys that the other way round. Moreover when a little girl says she wants to be a boy the father relaxes and lets her do because he thinks “so she’s not going to be a slut” boys are less inclined to be accepted as gays and you know why, in any case

Leave the kids alone. This is communism.

And. I despise Emma Watson.

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