The Migrants, the EU and the Judges. And why we need a new Socialist Party. That very Socialist Party that the judges of Clean Hands destroyed.

In life you can tell yourself lies or you can tell yourself the truth; I chose to tell myself the truth.

The PSI – Italian Socialist Party – and the DC – Christian Democracy – that the Judges of the judicial operation “Clean Hands” – Mani Pulite in italian – did out in 1992, we needed them; Who voted them was not “a shitty moderate” words that we had to pay, they were those who were right, more right than the others.

We were saved only because Berlusconi, Silvio, at one point said no to Rothschild and to his puppet DeBenedetti, one whom I now don’t even consider a traitor, I consider him a foreigner; like his migrants. And he’s a foreigner who has to mind his own f****g business and not to interfere in Italy. DeBenedetti can not be the owner of the Italian press.

We have little, very little time, because Berlusconi’s children have aligned with the New World Order and, instead, I want and claim the State-Nation and I’m not the only one, the Western world, Europe is full of people who like me want the State-Nation because it is the only form of territorial organization that works, the only one that can offer space for a liberal democracy where work is paid well. We need the new Liberal Socialist Party, but the judges who have destroyed the historical PSI, that of non-communist anti-fascist roots – not anti-fascist but communist like the PCI and the same went on lately in France against the Republicans, well these judges are the same ones that have hunted Berlusconi and are the ones who have dared to declare the national borders non-inviolable, as if they could, by arbitrarily declaring the immigration law named Bossi-Fini, that was very similar to the australian model, unconstitutional, the Bossi-Fini law just prohibited to ship non authorized people to Italy to any boat and declared illegal to stay on italian soil without permission, it was called the “crime of clandestinity” if you stay in Italy without permission you are committing a crime already. Those Judges who could strangely make Italy a sort of “Judgescracy” where the Judge stops and processes and disables politicians that they don’t like, certainly the politicians who are against the New World Order, who do not want privatizations, who do not want to sell out the state-properties who want a national currency functional to the State’s economy, etc., the war is now people who want globalisation against the supporters of the nation-state; the mischievous “antifascists”, those who say that Salvini, or the jewish brigade, can not participate to the manifestation of the 25th of April  – the day of the Liberation from Fascism, the day the WWII ended officially with the victory of the anti-fascists and anti-nazis – well I’ve always been very tough on Israel and the Jewish lobby and I’ve always called them by name, but there is not a group of citizens who can tell the others that they can not attend the April 25th event because they are not fascists, but they are “fascists” according to them, that is, according to the theory reported by Blondet of the “Lords of the Speech”, that theory for which a small group of people reclaim the right to redefine the words and decide what can be said and what cannot be said, so you are not fascist if you are a member of Forza Nuova or Casa Pound – self proclaimed philo-fascist formations you are fascist if you contradict them, or “you are fascist if you are not a communist” without any logic and even less authority. Salvini should be considered a fascist only because he is against the no-border or gender theory, which does not mean anything, calling fascist people who are against the no-border or gender wicked obsession is a disgrace, with is in bold. Or for other reasons – because they are against Palestine etc. – such as the Jewish Brigade etc. The problem is that people inside the state machine even allow these four cats to prohibit others from exercising their civil rights and are not arrested. Why? But look at the Judges, don’t you see it’s they? They have arrested Craxi, who was a powerful man and sent him in exile – to Tunisia – to allow the sale of the state assets and the sale of workers’ rights, and then leave the small alibi of fake anti-fascism and the no-border petty. What do you want they mind about Salvini? Berlusconi and Craxi were more powerful. I suspect they want to do to Salvini, or Grillo, just the same if they raise “too much” in level of power and they, the lefty judges, must be stopped or prevented doing this.

I was wrong, because back then in 1992 I did not understand what was going on, now I understand.

How will we get out of here? If Berlusconi was the only one of the big beasts of the country – even though it was reported that Ugo Beretta, the gun producer, was with him – to stand against this horror and he was whistled by his “peers” and his children, Marina, Piersilvio and Co. do not agree to pass under the same caudal forks, Marina Berlusconi has already made an indecent endorsement for Macron , that says it all, also sold Milan AC to the Chinese.

And now?

Now that Renzi and Ms. Boschi, driven out by the people, are back, arrogant as if the people’s judgment did not count. Are you going to try and rig the elections? I do not see people around willing to vote for a Renzi bis. No one, except four PD – Partito Democratico – members, wants them, ergo they should end up like Monti, but Macron is also like Monti – Mr. Austerity and selling out the best Country’s assets – and the french judges have opened investigations on Fillon to destroy him, he who was the moderate candidate again, according to the infamous scheme of the “Clean Hands” operation: arrest all the center-right and center-left politicians, I’m not joking they did it, and leave the Italians alone between the PCI  – the communists – and the MSI – the fascists – then tell the people they have to vote for the PCI – the equivalent of Macron – because the MSI is fascists – the equivalent to LePen – but then, Enter Berlusconi, and they became rusty of rage, because Berlusconi won with 60% after cleaning up the Right of the fascist past and joining the secessionists together with the ultra-nationalists, joint-venture that produced the Bossi-Fini law, being Bossi the then leader of the northern secessionists and Fini the then leader of the patriotic nationalists who anyway agreed that they didn’t want…. the migrants; only Berlusconi could do this – he’s a peddler, but a great peddler – but it was twenty years ago.

Now what do we do?

I’m afraid they want to make up the elections or to allow the judges to destroy with processes our candidates, like they did it to Craxi. Because I cannot explain to myself Renzi’s brazenness if he did not think he had somehow “backed shoulders”.

In the meantime, brought by Gino and the Alfetta, enter the migrants.

Not even I, who have fantasy, can find a proper solution – with the exclusion of a military coup, that in any case it’s not me who can deliver.

Someone take this country in the hands, take us out of the eurozone and bring back the nation-state, democratic-socialist and christian liberal. In this respect DiMaio was right in reclaiming back Sunday free for all and everyone who has to work on Sunday for superior necessity must also have twice the salary as well as for the night shift etc. This is a Christian country, and I know people who had to work at Easter’s Sunday at supermarket salami’s stall, not only he wanted to go to the Mass, but he also wanted to have Easter’s lunch with his wife and relatives, and was left alone instead, another girl who does the job as shop-assistant told me it was better the way it used to be when free Sunday was compulsory, she did not talk about mass but said she wanted to stay with his children and with her husband on Sunday, now can I know who’s the monster who has to go shopping on Sunday at ten? Apart from Gianni Morandi? We had “Sunday Closed” until a couple of years ago and it was fine, I never starved or was left without pullovers because on Sundays the shops were closed and there wasn’t “freshly baked bread, even of Sunday ” and they tell it as if it were a beautiful thing, as if they were nice, I hate them instead, and then on Sunday we eat lasagna I do not need all this bread, besides the fact that you can freeze it as it is frozen and de-frozen also the one of the supermarket, and then, other than that, there is a particular disturbing anti-christian aspect in the matter of the migrants, more than one: we should not convert them to Christianity and to our culture, but we should let them live according to their African and Asian culture in Italy – or Europe. It seems obvious to me that this it is a move against Europe and not for Africa, because if you want to live in a Western state then you can build it in Africa, you just have to apply the positivist philosophy and the Christian religion and you are more or less there, with some cultural variation obviously, it is the same. But without any Positivism or Aristotelian logic there is no Science or technology and without Christian religion there is not the attitude to condemn bigotry as well as the sin, perhaps bigotry a little bit more, it does not come out the same for this reason and it will not be equal regardless of latitude, and this is well known, so it is clear that importing Africans and Asians massively is a way to destroy our culture and our way of living in Europe, and some say our appearance, for the masons do not want the Europeans of the future to be Italic-Latin or Germanic or Greeks or Celts those who in America call “the Whites”, meaning collectively all the European ethnicities. It’s a war against us, and you have to recognize it and to act accordingly to this reality defending us, territory and culture. And this war is all the more infamous because freemasonry forbade to the orthodox priests in Greece, a Greece destroyed by the EU and invaded, to try to convert the migrants to Christianity, the UN, that is Freemasonry, has decreed that this would be lack of respect, they should build mosques in Greece etc. That means, Greece should be culturally annihilated and after Greece the rest of the continent, Islands included. Be careful and watch out: if Pope Francis is on their side, it does not mean they are good, it only means that Pope Francis is corrupt, he is sold. Ratzinger was put off probably because he was not selling out, like Craxi.

We need a new PSI – Italian Socialist Party – but to the Judges what do we do? A bomb when they all gather for the black mass? It would take. And who puts it?

Pray: Mercy on us, Lord.


The italian Judges who brought about the infamous series of processes called “Clean Hands”

The Judges of Clean Hands were obviously tied to Carlo DeBenedetti and to the Rothschild-owned Italian Communist Party, the PCI, Rothschild-owned like all the communist parties in the world, the famous Jewish communist Masons etc. which we naturally and rightly have fought and hated all the way. In fact, although the DeBenedetti’s press obviously praised them, the judges destroyed the Parties, PCI and DC, that really defended the rights of the workers and the italian state’s interests, leaving alive only a useless and damaging PCI, that, as soon as the PSI disappeared, completely denied and dropped the rights of the workers and did the privatizations and changed the statute of the workers legalizing exploitation and under paid jobs with the excuse of the crisis. So Mr. Bocca an italian lefty journalist who fiercely hated the PSI once wrote on the journal L’Espresso “But then what was the use to kill off Craxi?” Nice question. But I think it’s easy now to find the answer. Killing off Craxi served to sell the state and the workers’ rights, and this, DeBenedetti had to know it for sure.


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