OK, he’s a Bilderberger, but he’s a member of the Republicans, maybe the choice of Edouard Philippe as french Prime Minister is good for us. Macron did a choice of peace as much as he could. P.S. but he’s not a magician, he cannot save the eurozone, I just hope he’ll keep a bit of law and order in Paris.


New Prime Minster Edouard Philippe shakes hands with exiting PM Bernard Cazeneuve

I have to be sincere, I know he’s a bilderberger, Panamza reported – apropos french cops, don’t do anything to him, every country’s got the disturbance in the Matrix, we’re all digital friends – also Tremonti was called at the Bilderberg once or twice, but still he seems the most right-wing choice of a Prime Minister Macron could take, in a country that saw Fillon targeted by the judges and LePen with Dupont Aignan at a point were at 43%, blessed, and the 25% of french who didn’t go to vote, it’s a sign of peace. I hope. Or at least the recognition that the Right-wingers are not a bunch of crazy racists.

Not that I dream they can save the eurozone anyway, no one can, but at least we can hope in one of the best dreams of the Right, “law and order” and security without police state and without spying on every move we make with the excuse of counter-terrorism, plus repatriation of the illegal migrants etc. That would be good. To help the poor you send money to the poor countries you don’t take the poor at home to invade your own land and then not to be able to walk around without being called a s***t or a white fromage  – if you’re a man – by the poor thugs.

What do you think? M. Philippe campaigned first with Juppé then with Fillon until the Penelope gate blew the campaign in small pieces.

He can repatriate the migrants easily I suppose and he must do “something right, for law and order etc.” I’m much more concerned about the eurozone: that cannot be saved. In Brussels they don’t reason, Poland wants just money from the West given as a present for their very existence, but the Western countries, Italy included, though net contributors to the EU are imposing austerity measures, due to the eurozone, to their own citizens and you cannot tell people “Yes, we give 11 billion euro to the EU budget but you must now work for half the wage or endure unemployment etc.” Then people say “And why do we give 11 billions euros to the EU budget? Excuse me, Sir” Because we’re dumb, it’s…it would be the real answer, but usually they report the Commission’s nonsense “To have access to the single market” aka we give money to the EU to be able to sell and buy products with Germany? Thing that we used to do from the Middle Age without paying anything?

Let’s see if they end up exiting the eurozone. That cannot be adjusted. It’s mathematics it’s not politics anymore.

Good luck.

We’ll stay tuned.

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