SMOKING GUN: the Italian Government IS the human trafficker, Entrepreuneur offered Renzi to host the rescued migrants in hotels in Tunisia and Renzi REFUSED and gave the order to bring them to Italy.


When I tell you we must hate all masons because they ARE doing the invasion of Europe for putting into practice the Kalergy Plan I am telling you the truth. The Italian government wants to be in trouble because they agreed with a part of the EU commission to use the emergency of the illegal immigration to try to force the migration compact on the reluctant member states, this would mean that every EU member state should accept as many immigrants the EU commission imposes them, losing the authority over immigration forever and being accused of being inhuman and not comapassionate if they refuse.

But look at what really happened:

In this article by Berlusconi’s owned newspaper IlGiornale that I often quote there is the absurd story – absurd if you don’t know or still don’t believe they are trying to put in practice the Kalergy Plan – of Mr. Ernesto Vita, italian entrepreneur of Bologna both of the metal sector and of the food and beverage, who was in Tunisia for a conference and together with the Mayor of Djerba elaborated a plan for re-collocating the immigrants saved from drowning in Djerba’s hotels with a disponibility of up to 500.000 places; re-collocation that due to the difference of the cost of life between Tunisia and Italy would cost 45% less than the equivalent accommodation in Italy; it would block clandestine immigrants who are just not interested in going to Tunisia and the non real refugees; moreover Tunisia is a liberal muslim nation, the migrants would not be tortured etc. and their true human rights would be safe.

Renzi refused. He gave the order to bring the migrants to Europe and is friend with the NGOs who do the “rescuing” job.

It’s Renzi and the masons inside the italian institutions who are pulling the string of the migration crisis, under masonic obedience, because they want to strip the nations of the authority over migration and border control, with the excuse of the crisis, and give this authority to Brussels forever: it’s a typical EU attempted “power grab” move. To force the Nations to give Brusssels powers that the Nations don’t want to hand over possibly. To transform the Nations into vassals of Brussels and not into sovereign member states. Clear?

We love Tunisia and liberal muslim countries, a lot of Italians go on holiday there and there are even some churches, but we don’t want to be colonized by africans and asians and do not want Italy, or Europe, to become a muslim country or a muslim area. That solution of diverting the boats to Tunisia and to host the refugees/migrants there in hotels was all in our favour; this plan must be put in practice, together with the plan to send back to Africa and Asia the ones who have already arrived illegally. Because we don’t want to be colonized that’s the real reason and because freemasonry and Soros can’t decide over our territory. Sent by Soros, not even one must be accepted. Safe in Tunisia. Or Israel.

I had told you, can you see it? It’s better to be allied with the liberal arabs, we don’t want to colonize their territory and they don’t want ours and then with the passport liberal people can also go up and down.

It’s the Jews who lead freemasonry and the masons, like Renzi & Co. the real enemy. Look at the difference: Tunisians want to help us, while the israeli newspapers say “no, the North – from Israel all Europe is the North – must take the refugees, more than they can bear so, for the holocaust etc” in a punitive way StronziBastardiE-Figli-di-puttana Notice the sentence “the israelis should have an interest in assuring refugees…” etc. That’s their “interest” to destroy us and our culture. What monsters, I have to say that I can’t remember the Britons and the Poles etc. to have done any holocaust but the Jews are untankful as much as vindictive, they neither forgive the Germans nor thank the Britons or Americans -Russians. Neither forgive who harms you nor thank who helps you seem to be their relationship with the rest of humanity.

Please, put in practice this plan to divert the boats to Tunisia and send the immigrants back to Africa or Asia.

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