No, it’s not the Jews who are promoting and organizing the open border thing through freemasonry and Israel has nothing to do with this, “Soros hates Israel” etc. like imbeciles. Why this then? It’s clearly the Fucking Jews.

A link, just a link but link it please.

Haaretz, the infamous journal of the israelis so called left, left for Europe obviously and since I don’t want the link to be changed, not that I don’t trust Palmgren, but a bit of screenshots will do


The bastards are the fucking jews, all of them and the ones who don’t split and take the distance really from this are our enemies, the lesson from the holocaust is that in reality Hitler was partially right. I fucking hate these people. I want to destroy the state of Israel and the jews around the world. Don’t you fucking ever help Israel against anyone neither Hamas not Syria nor Iran, if Iran nukes them the fucking jewish bastards I am happy: between Israel and Iran I stand with Iran. Iran never wanted to invade Italy. I require all europeans to be anti-semitic.

When Millennial Woes said “I was scared to be antisemitic because antisemitic was what I didn’t want to be” well he was wrong: antisemitic is what you must be. You all. I hate them so deeply that I have to write it in Italian “Io li odio, tutti”. Fottutissimi ebrei di ‘mmerda.

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  1. Hitler and the German realized that the Jews are a subversive element within society with their internationalism and their Bolshevism. The Germans wanted expulsion, not extermination. (Not every Jew was subversive, but all the leading agitators, communists and subversives were ethnic Jews. There really is a revolutionary spirit within the Jewish community. We have suffered from this subversion in America, too.)

    Let me be clear: the holocaust has been debunked as the forensic examinations of these concentration camps have shown. These were work and transit camps – not extermination camps.

    Whenever the Jews and their allies invoke the holocaust, we must point out that it is a fraud, a hoax. It is not legitimate. Do not let the Jews frame the debate with this appeal to this monstrous lie of the holocaust!!


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