Jews and masons are our enemies, also the white masons and all non jewish masons must be considered enemies and hated just as well. Be ALWAYS against Israel.

Ok, it’s the Jews who organized the no-border thing, the masons take orders from them and do the job: jews and freemasons, all of them must be considered all our enemies. The fucking Tommy Robinson is not a hero because he’s controlled by freemasonry too, in fact he does never attack the jewish lobby and freemasonry he talks only about Islam like an idiot.

Look at this: it’s freemasonry that’s bringing all the migrants and who’s in control of it?

If a car is crashing people down the road the problem is not the color of the car the problem is who’s the driver. Who’s the driver of freemasonry? idiots, the Jews or the muslims? The jews.

The white masons must be considered enemies just as well, even Robinson, white and non-jewish people of honour MUST exit freemasonry and be antisemitic, I don’t tolerate these fucking jews any longer Hitler was right to hate them. Be ALWAYS and RADICALLY against Israel. Jews must not “go back to Israel” Jews must be destroyed here and outside of here. They must be slaves and humiliated by all, by arabs and by whites. Make the fucking alliance with the arabs. It’s an order.

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  1. it was a thought i had recently about Mr Tommy Robinmyson, he is almost like Larry Lonesome Rhodes
    in the great black n white film a face in the crowd a must watch, toomy lashes out at the Koran quite rightly so on some points , but never mentions a bible were there say its ok to fuck a 3 yr old child yes the Jewish Talmudic bible . it also gives permission for Jews to steal from none Jews and that goyim are worthless in comparison to a jew


  2. I personally would not go so far as to preach hate of a people. Let’s us hate and resist their nefarious actions and work to counter their agenda. Let’s expose them and drive them from behind the scenes power. But, let us not hate people as they (our enemies) hate. We can be better than that.


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