The Nutcracker again. Catania’s Procurator Carmelo Zuccaro is between the NGOs and the masonic government that, together with the EU, funds them.

Carmelo Zuccaro, Catania’s Procurator who opened a dossier on the illegal traffic of humans carried out basically by the NGOs together with the libyan human traffickers is in a Nutcracker, though the collusion is documented by Frontex and by satellite images, the NGOs and Masonic italian government with the EU funding them to bring blacks to Europe are together, Gentiloni and Renzi agree with NGOs and a part of European Commissioners is with them. They agreed to apply the Kalergy Plan of Africanization of the European population, that’s what they are doing, or trying to do, the rest is bad rhetoric about human rights, so Gentiloni, the libyan traffickers, NGOs and some EU Commissioners agree to make the most landings available. At the European Court, countries such as Austria, Poland and Hungary who rightly say that they are bound by the Treaty of Dublin and not by other under-sub and sub-agreements, the Masons are trying to abolish the treaty Of Dublin without and against the opinion of the Member States.

Alfano, Letta, Renzi are complicit because for them the africanization of Europe, self-invasion, is nothing grave or wrong and in any case like all masons they have no morality: they were asked, they do it. Then Zuccaro, who is right, is in this nutcracker.

The only way to save yourself from a nutcracker in the end is to break it. Break it.

You must create a kind of jewish-free Freemasonry. And without the ones of those that are already in the classic one – if not truly, deeply repented.

All citizens, and I mean all European citizens, and especially those working within the State-machines or the institutions and who are opposed to this plan, may – and must – begin to make an underground good lobby. It’s like the “fight against the mafia”: a part of the state is organized to defend the mafiosi by the judges and carabineri who are too keen, this, in the name of “human rights” is what the italian government and part of the EU are doing with illegal immigration.Lo-Schiaccianoci

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