Charles III may be scary but it may also be prophetic and after Britain refused to back LePen against Macron they would even deserve it. Only. The Britons would make the civil war against Cleggish and win in favour of the Royalists.


You cannot say “I want to be free by a monster, but I also want a strong monster and who opposes it in the other countries we’ll call it a far right winger”.

Theresa May congratulated “warmly” Emmanuel Macron after the catastrophic election. Why? The telegraph stated, wrongly “Macron is not good for Britain, but not as bad as Marine LePen”. That idiot of prince Charles goes on talking about how good the Jews are and how we must learn from the Holocaust. As Alain Soral said, “the only thing the holocaust teaches us is: this is what happens when you don’t finish the job”.

The predictions of the dreadful Charles III are that the remoaners will control the Parliament and will ask Charles to sign the end of British independence and to hand over total power to Brussels, he, rightly but lately, refuses. He would be damningly right to refuse. These Kings must not put the signature on pieces of toilette paper after all and there is something called treason.

I just trust the Britons to stand up and be with Charles and finally kill Blair and Mandelson and Nick Cleggish.

But honestly, after what they did to support the NWO candidate Macron against the only hope for France to stand back on its feet and be independent, have you seen the conditions the EU – Germany want to impose to Greece for the so called bail out? And still Varoufakis supported like an idiot the EU candidate and you still don’t understand why the Greeks don’t get it that they must out of the EU, they are behaving in a dumb way, so many british establishment figures, given that only Farage had the guts to support openly Marine. That’s the EU and no, I want this monster to close and I don’t want it any stronger. Well, after this, they’d deserve it to end up slaves of their dearest holocaust survivors – what monsters – and jewish lobby and Rivlin and Rothschild. But I am convinced the civil war would be won by the royalists. The heads of the Rothschilds, Nick Clegg, Mandelson and Blair on a couple of pikes in front of Westminster. You know that the people want out, get the fuck out, and please avoid supporting NWO candidates in other countries.

Only good news, Nicola Sturgeon is over.

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