The Spaniards must remember that they were never able to conquer Democracy: it was given to them by Franco at his own death when he declared King Juan Carlos his successor…I’d leave him there. | Daily Mail Online

I’ d leave Francisco Franco where “it” is. I’d like to remind the Spaniards that it’s not they who conquered Democracy against Franco, it was Franco who at last, decided to name King Juan Carlos his successor and King Juan Carlos gave the Spaniards Democracy as a Christmas present. There is also another detail that I don’t like in all this story, why the fascists are called fascists while the communists are called “anti-fascists who raise their fist”? We all know it was communists who called themselves quite proudly “communists” at the time, they didn’t hide it, they were proud of it, and we all know that the Daily Mail is trying to cover this detail calling them “anti-fascists with raised fists”. Shame on you. Did Rothschild pay you for this? Since it was they, the Rothschild clan, the leaders of all communist movements in Europe.

Spain’s opposition parties have voted to move the remains of fascist dictator Francisco Franco out of a state-funded mausoleum in Madrid, which is seen by many as a relic of Spain’s dictatorial past.

Source: Francisco Franco’s body to be exhumed | Daily Mail Online

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