No, Soros is not “The Jew that hates Israel” that’s all smoke and mirror.


“soros against Israel” is bull***t

No, Soros is not “The Jew that hates Israel” that’s all smoke and mirror.
Giampaolo Rossi on the Journal IlGiornale tries to clear the State of Israel on allegations of having an important part in the struggle against the nation-states, saying that Jews like Soros who finance mass illegal immigration and anti-nationalist NGOs have nothing to do do with Israel and indeed hate Israel as Russia or Italy or Great Britain etc.


It’s not true.

Soros is dependent on the Rothschilds who are the founders of the State of Israel and occasionally pay “a little Christ and a little Antichrist” in their brains, not to be caught up with some help from journalists like Rossi who pretend to believe their game.

It’s a very old game of bad sides no one truly believes anymore, not even Giampaolo Rossi probably.

First, if Soros told everyone not to vote for LePen because Fascist nationalist etc., worse and worse than he did Rivlin, the President of the Jewish State has in fact publicly stated and wanted this to be reported in the papers that LePen is anti-Semitic and therefore Not to vote her, implicitly said to vote for Macron the nominee of the globalist and supersionist Rothschilds who lobby and give money to him and those four guys who live there, in fact you can not detach Israel from the Rothschilds and are the Rothschilds who have it against us .

Soros plays the part of the Marxist Jew who is against all the states including Israel but when Soros does not suffice, rabbins arrive with double Israeli-something else nationality to say who is against mass immigration is like the Nazis who deported their parents or grandparents to Auschwitz, they had it also against Britain First, alleged Auschwitz survivors – who ruined Norbert Hofer’s election campaign in the name of the Holocaust – and finally, in the case of LePen, who was winning, we even had in the middle The President of the State of Israel personally. Rivlin precisely.

But there is more; One of the charities, NGOs carrying immigrants from Turkey to Greece, the infamous Israid, was and is funded by the Israeli government, several Jewish pseudo-philanthropic associations to help refugees find a better life – in Europe – are based in Tel Aviv and lead a strictly Jewish-only immigration policy towards the Holy Land – which is not theirs and must not be given to them – and from the same offices (the HIAS Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) African and Asian immigration to us – you can check in this website – not only, In Israel they refuse to sell property to non-Jews while promoting in the rest of the world the non discrimination policy based on ethnicity, religion, etc.. If it is not being double faced, nothing is. And then why should we Christians ask for permission to them if we want to go to Nazareth? Who told them that the Holy Land is theirs and not of Christians and Muslims? Marine LePen? That they treated like a “political slut” to be used and then put aside.

More than Soros, the real problem is the Rothschilds bankers, Soros is not the most powerful of the globalists, Soros is “under Rothschild” – like Macron, like DeBenedetti, Elkann etc who are also globalist Jews but pro Israel for themselves only, all well, The Rothschilds ARE the lenders and even the founders of the state of Israel and here in Europe of all anti-nationalism and pro-immigration movements and of all the leftist press. Check it. And they also have something against white straight males. Maybe envy.

Every now and then someone does the “Jew against Israel” part, but it’s not true, if you go looking at who the boss is, it’s always the same: Rothschild. It’s just a game of roles. Old and useless because what they are now can be seen with naked eye.

Every time and every time a successful anti-immigration candidate is winning, the Israeli lobby that wants mass immigration – toward us – in the name of the Holocaust steps in, this is for them only a sort of posthumous revenge.

But it’s a revenge they like to take also against the ones who won against Hitler, and the winners it’s not they, because it smells very much like envy.

Have I been clear enough?

Giampaolo Rossi, write about something else.

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  1. See our review here of The Work of All Ages. The Jews are for internationalism and the destruction of the nation states of Europe and America.


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