Dear Hofer and Strache, if there are elections in Austria do not make M. LePen’s mistakes: do not pander to Israel, do not insult the arabs uselessly and if someone reminds the holocaust make the list of the israeli war crimes.


Norbert Hofer (L.) and Heinz Christian Strache (R.)

This year seems the year of the general elections, well if there are elections in Austria and I obviously will campaign for Hofer and Strache I don’t want the bis of Ms. LePen’s mistakes:

Dear Hofer and Strache, remember, do never pander to Israel because it’s useless, Marine LePen did it and was backstabbed by the israeli lobby and by the president of Israel Rivlin, avoid this game because Israel is controlled totally by the Rothschild bankers who are the bosses also of the lefty pro-immigration parties and movements so they’ll never allow the Israelis to support you against them. If they remind “your past” keep in mind and make the list aloud of the israeli war crimes. Be friendly with he arab nations and state that you just want Austria to remain western christian but you have nothing against muslim countries like Morocco, Tunisia etc. you like to go on holiday there, your position is just territorial it’s not invasive. Do not reclaim the South Tyrol or I’ll have, as an Italian, to stop supporting you, I cannot do it. Do not trust the Jews “et dona ferentes” aka and not if they propose you a bargain, literally “and not if they bring presents”, because they lie and then let you down like poor Marine LePen: the Jews are useless in the best case, do without them, ignore them and help the Palestinians, remember well, they’ll call you a Nazi whatever you do, they call Nazi people who are just against the no-border theory, so you cannot do anything to avoid being called a nazi, Udo Voigt (NPD) once said: “I’m glad they call everybody a Nazi and not just me”. The accusation of being a fascist, a nazi – in Italy they called Nazi Beppe Grillo, in Britain all the brexiteers included the black brexiteers – has become so inflationated it can become also irrelevant. Be philo-arab, the arabs are more trustworthy than the Jews. If you can, avoid the issue. Make allies with the people who have something against Israel.

Don’t take the Austrians for stupid ones, be honest, make clear your plan for Austria and Europe, don’t do like Marine LePen. If there are streets protests by Antifa against you, attack the organizers and the people who fund them, make their names and surnames, for example Marine LePen was attacked by the group Femen but she didn’t defend herself from them, the Femen are founded by a group of three people two men and a woman, they are recruited by an agency and paid 1000 euro monthly for the streets protests and 2400 euros montly for working in Kiev’s office, they’re all lean and young because they are selected like models, the girls who want the job they must send a topless photograph of themselves to the office and usually are selected if they are attractive and meager, many girls lamented that these Femen girls look more like a male fantasy and not like real feminists – in which group of feminists there are only young and sexy girls who go around naked? in fact there are men behind it: Helmut Geier – german national –  Jed Sunden – american – and Viktor Sviatski, high in the organization there’s only one woman Beate Schober.

You must do like me: shame the bosses, always, do not spare Rothschild and the jewish lobby, they will never “forgive” you and in any case your ancestry is irrelevant, they’ve got it also against Tommy Robinson and the english patriots, they call them nazi just as well.

You’re in good company, you should be glad.


Remember South Tyrol, if you touch that, I cannot help you any longer.


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