No, Marine is not fit to lead anything: she is not leader’s stuff; here’s why. Please Mme. leave the ring to the real fighters and get out of my sight.


In the face-to-face debate LePen looked stupid: she botched it not the illuminati.

No, I don’t accept Marine cashing in like this: she wanted to lose to hide in the corner of the pampered leader of the opposition. Nicolas Dupont Aignan brought her 5% more points, she went from 40% on monday to 45% after Dupont Aignan’s very brave endorsement then she had to make the final rush and together with Nicolas expose elegantly and clearly their plan for France and Europe, she could reach 52%, that’s her target. Instead. What happened was a weak lady doing every wrong thing to diminish the score instead of raising it; she lost the points that Dupont Aignan brought her, she put the blame on her Party, in the face-to-face debate against Macron she botched it in an unelegant way, she did miaow miaow to the expressed leader of the worst opposition to democracy and the concept of nation-state ever; she came out with a Bahams account no one knew about, she didn’t expose her plan for France clearly, she started talking about the presumed chosen PM by Macron and Macron told her “No, I didn’t choose that lady as PM” making her look ridiculous and pointless, she even gave the impression to be flirtitious with him, who was more irritated by her presence than anything else.

Spare me another time like this: she is not leader of the Right-wing party’s stuff. She is not leader of anything’s stuff, she’s just another pampered daughter of Jean-Marie LePen now if the LePen think politics as a business I’m not going to help them any further: she wanted to go at the opposition. I expose myself with legal name and face on internet in three languages to support right-wing candidates and honestly I expect much more from the leader. I have seen french arabs and people of african origins supporting her and defending her for the sake of France even if she always cowed away from accusing the jewish – israeli lobby of messing up inside the french state and Rothschild to be behind the mass operation “Macron President” no, she continuously accuses the muslims even when the muslims have done nothing. She hasn’t got the “balls” she hasn’t got what it takes. Spare me another time like this.

She proved herself totally, utterly unfit for the task in the face-to-face debate, that’s not the way the Leader of a Right-wing party faces the leader of the globalists. Sorry Madam, go back where you come from, a sofa, and leave the ring to the real fighters. She’ll never win. Because she doesn’t want to win. I understand that she was promised a civil war had she won, but for France she should accept it and do it, because now with Macron France is near getting lost, haven’t you seen all the illuminati stuff around him? The Pyramid with the glowing eye, what are we talking about? What will be left to defend in 2022 with five years Rothschild’s ruling there won’t be any Paris’s power anymore.

The little French who didn’t vote her thinking “nothing will change” are just fooling themselves, Macron wasn’t put there to leave things like this, stupid cowards, he was put there to finish the job. Things will change and they will change for the worse, the French leftists  think they can be superior to anything, with their stupid smug attitude, well, this time with their attitude against the Right were just delusional: you cannot be superior to your own death.

Yesterday I spent time watching videos of Pippo Inzaghi’s best goals – to console myself of a burning and depressive defeat that I took personally – and I understood the difference between the winners and the losers: if you got what it takes, when you’re there, in front of the door, you’re not scared to sign the goal you feel stronger and quicker and sign the score, you’re not scared, in front of the possibility of the victory you feel stronger you don’t feel weaker, Marine hasn’t got this. We need Inzaghi, we need people with the killer instinct who want to win, who like to win, who are winners inside.

We need hawkish people, not miaow miaow little cats; go away, you Marine are not a winner, I cannot always put the blame on the Illuminati, the face to face debate disqualified you totally and that’s not the masons’ fault. Sorry Lady.

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