A vote for LePen is a vote for Mélenchon and for the Republicains, ’cause if you allow the establishment playing you like this this time, it’s game over, it’ll be the new normal for ANYONE who challenges the status quo.

I try to be as more convincing as ever; these elections basically have already being rigged; Fillon had to win, then the judges, very highly suspected to be moved in freemasonry have, in the middle of the campaign, opened files and dossiers on Fillon until he lost 7% of the points, the media owned by Mr. French Rothschild who backs and pushes Macron and even gave him the job as family banker, gave Macron 20 cover in one year and none to Mélenchon etc., the covers for Fillon were only to nourish the scandals.

On the election day, strange ISIS aka everybody and no one threats and police officers with gun machines could enter the electoral bureau for two hours without control.

There should be cameras in the electoral bureau, CCTV to control that no one changes the real ballots with new ones, in the electoral bureau where the police officers kicked away the personnel for two hours, Macron won and LePen arrived fourth, in the rest of France no. The French living abroad received, for example in Britain, two papers to vote instead of one. Macron is the candidate of the actual government, of the people who run the Interior Minitry, the Presidency and the Prime Minister office. Hamon was smoke and mirror.

If you allow the establishment to play you like this now, this will be the new normal, and there’s nothing for no one. Republicans and Mélenchon included. A vote for LePen is a vote to make this stop, at the general elections to elect the assembly you can massively vote for La France unsoumise or for the Republicans; it may seem strange for some french but to save democracy you must vote LePen, because Destiny has sense of humour.

And since there are CCTV cameras everywhere, please Mayors of all towns, require the CCTV cameras in the electoral bureau, I want to check that there are not change of ballot papers and yes, I don’t trust a system that tells you to get used to terror attacks and Hollande is a-moral. Put the CCTV cameras in the electoral bureaus, I don’t even believe that ISIS exists it’s clearly the Israelis and Rothschild is the boss of the jewish lobby, of the Holocaust memorial office and of the State of Israel and here, for the white dumb ones, also of the pro-immigration Left. He does everything by himself: he’s multitask.


Macron with his boss Eric de Rothshcild, President of the jewish lobby.


What are we talking about?

If LePen doesn’t win, they will do it again against anyone who challenges the bankers’ candidate, I’m sorry for the delicate stomachs: you must vote LePen.

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