The little girl is an idiot bitch, in fact without Nation-State there’s no Democracy and at the Telegraph they know it so well they are all pro Brexit so that Britain becomes a stronger nation state- Spare this hypocrisy. Girl Scout pictured standing up to demonstrator at neo-Nazi rally

This is the most hypocritical article I’ve found on the Telegraph, the neo-nazi who wants the nation state is the same as the Telegraph journalists who support Brexit, they want Brexit precisely so that the UK can return a strong nation-state, without nation-state there’s no space for democratic life and democratic control of the powerful ones and of the law-making process, you can have a little or a big nation-state but it has to be a nation, the little girl scout is an idiot bitch.

I want the nation-state, and you Telegraph journalists if you don’t want the nation-state stay in the EU then, taking it in the bottom by Juncker and co. Because you want Brexit precisely because you want Britain to be a nation-state, independent and strong, so spare me this hypocrisy. And have the courage to open the comment board.

The neo-nazi is cool – if he is a real neo-nazi – much cooler than the scouts  who are dumbed down.

A Girl Scout has drawn praise after being pictured standing up to a demonstrator at a neo-Nazi rally in the Czech Republic.

Source: ‘Creating a better world’: Girl Scout pictured standing up to demonstrator at neo-Nazi rally

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