The attitude towards Marine LePen must not be “she’ll win ’cause the people are fed up, it’s not my fault” it must be “She must win because she’s the best and I support her”. You want Brexit? Then you want the nation-state, to feel superior to LePen or the czech “neo-nazis” is wrong.


Marine LePen Nigel Farage, the best future for us

No, the Globalists are not creating “a better world” and the czech “neo-nazis” are right; we want the Nation State, you want the Nation-State as in Switzerland as Marine LePen, the attitude of some Britons to want Brexit for themselves to be unshackled by Brussels, and the more time passes the more they are revealing their unbearable face in Brussels, but then the same Britons take the distance from the people of the other nations, like LePen, who want the same for themselves and this is morally wrong, it is a sin of pride, you feel superior to the others. LePen is like you, whether you like it or not and if the british freemasonry that’s rumoured to respond directly to the royal family – is it true? – used its power to support LePen they would do a favour to humanity for once, in fact they would weaken Juncker and the EU commission and would have to deal directly with the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the nation states as it is written in article 50, that the exit process must be dealt with by the European Council – the heads of states – and not by the Commission and there’s no brexit bill to pay mentioned anywhere. You would have France on your side.

So, she needs you now more than ever, Obama who backed remain now backs Macron, we must win again in France, we’ve got two days, put your weight in support of LePen. Be scandalous, what do you care?

I want the nation state like Switzerland and you too, connected etc. but without supranational commission and a dumb, stupid girl in the scouts doesn’t make anyone change their minds; everybody shows the photograph of the stupid girl supporting the NWO saying everybody agrees with her, but till now both the Telegraph and the Guardian didn’t have the courage to open their own comment board at the foot of the article because they know that the Readers want the nation-state “like the czech neo-nazis” and not the NWO like the stupid girl in the Scouts, the same Churchill would be labelled a nazi nowadays probably and as equally probably he wouldn’t care and have a laugh about it.

Use your power to push LePen.

Does this mythical freemasonry that responds to the royals exist or not? If it doesn’t then it’s true it is all in the hands of the Jews, hopefully not.

In the mythical video about the EDL I couldn’t possibly upload at a certain point I ask people to ask themselves a question and to give themselves the answer: “Do you want the Nation-State or do you want the NWO?” If you want the Nation State it’s useless to lose time faltering about LePen you must get shameles and support her like she’s very good, and certainly she’s better, much better than Macron, if you want the globalisation and NWO in France and Germany then it’s useless to lose time with Brexit, because Brexit in the NWO cannot happen, Brexit is the opposite of the NWO it is Britain that wants to stay Britain strong and independent, you haven’t got time, the answer is simple, I decided, I want the nation-state and in fact I am supporting all nationalist candidates everywhere, if you don’t want a nationalist candidate in France you are losing time quarreling with Juncker, because Macron is on his side and at that point Juncker would be right. This mythical freemasonry connected to Royals in France what can she do? Because all the press I’ve read but the internet media are pro little abused Macron. Possibly without Jews in the hierarchy.

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