What’s between the Establishment and the EDL? I failed to upload a video about the EDL 4 or 5 times until I dropped the idea and still I cannot find it so upsetting, if not that I said that the EDL like the NPD is full of cops in disguise…but that was notorious.


New Leader of the EDL

I am a bit defeated inside; which happens to me very rarely, but the day before yesterday I dedicated one of mine one girl show to the “truancy and the EDL” basically even if I respect a lot people who leave the country I do not accept to be judged by them if it is true that the expats always vote more left-wing than the citizens residents in a nation and even say to the foreigners where they live “I’m ashamed that in my country they want to vote, let’s say,…Berlusconi, Hofer, or even UKIP, Brexit” this kind of things. I never even understood if it is real that the expats vote Left or if the postal vote is regularly rigged in favour of the establishment-candidate, but honestly I believe people who live and pay taxes in a country and have to endure the government’s decisions know what’s going on better, if a Fisherman in Britain is damaged heavily in his activity by the EU regulations he may have a reason to vote Brexit and I don’t believe that for example the british expats who live on permanent holiday in Spain really could judge him because they are ashamed when they’re invited at a party and so on, I even described this obsession of the Left that the people who went away are more important than the people who live in the country “Truants’ suprematism” then I went off discussing the EDL that’s full of veterans and cops undercover, and that in Germany the far-right Party NPD was put under a trial, not this one, but the trial previous this one because they are regularly put under trial every 3 or 4 years, and that trial had to be closed because some of the illegal things were done by cops infiltrated in the movement. Then I went on for 18 minutes with considerations about this etc. well, I’m not going to try to upload it again because really it dropped for four times with youtube and then with facebook and vimeo.

But it’s no secret, everybody knew it that the real far-right is full of cops and veterans…or was it for the truancy factor? I know truant is offensive, but also when the truants calls you a fascist is offensive.

Let’s hope that Marine LePen wins in France.

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