BREAKING: LePen names Dupont-Aignan chosen Prime Minister if she’s elected and this is soooo cooool, I want to be french to vote them.

So cool, LePen has this morning done a joint conference with the gaullist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan for proposing to the french a patriotic, republican gaullist government and it all looks so joyful, patriotic and cool.

Ok, I didn’t have time to add subtitles, but it’s fresh news. They’ll be best friends with Britain and more from France…

here’s a video where a modern french man of maghreb origin says he’s tempted to vote LePen for he’s not what the leftists of Paris suppose him to be

A bit of what he says: The leftists they treat us all like shit, they do not arrest terrorists and don’t keep security in our community as if the Law were something applicable only to some sort of superior race – the whites –
And more of it.
Yes, modern people, men and women of maghreb origins who want to live a modern western life want to vote LePen.
“I cannot go around with the parisian leftists because I don’t do what they expect me to do, they don’t greet me, some people of the so-called far-right, I’ve got friendly relationship with them.
Do your interests – I agree as you know – they – the leftists always the damned leftists – give your french passport to everybody who says they’re syrians, now they’re all syrians, from Turkey to Mongolia and all Nord Africa and more…
This is it
We know it
We’ve got all the same impression, independently from the ethnicity, narcissistic people who are self-assured vote for the Right,
We are at the next level. Already.

*At the moment I’m writing a little less on this website ’cause I’m more focused on Freeword and Friends Paris, it’s frenzy what’s happening in France.

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