We need the Habsburgs. The present establishment does NOT represent us

We really need the Habsburgs. The present establishment does NOT represent us and is full of Jews who represent only themselves.

Habsburg Carnival in Madonna di Campiglio. Do something serious. The establishment must return European-Christian without pope – because the pope betrayed -.
The Habsburg, Hauteville-Hohenstaufen or before them the ancient Romans were the true European establishment; The members of the establishment were European Christians, but of those who knew how to keep the Pope in his place when he tried to overwhelm them, or cold polytheists, like the Romans, who despised the “hot” polytheists who went to indemoniate themselves in Delphi, The Romans prayed more to keep the Gods away than not to have them in their midst.

But they were European. They were like us richer, in the case of Hauteville – Hohenstaufen, more blonde, in the case of Romans in Northern Europe, more Latin, but the religion was the same and eventually the establishment was the same as the people but richer and more educated, The establishment shared the culture of the people, though more classical, more refined, more beautiful, richer, but not what there is now.

Now there are the Jews who are not us, they do not have our own religion and culture, they never have our own point of view and have imposed themselves as “our” establishment through the Freemasonry and through the most corrupt and indecent part of the clergy, Catholic, Lutheran or Anglican. They impose Jewish point of views on all newspapers, impose the opinion crime on the Holocaust, prohibit historians from digging into Auschwitz to find common graves, first because there can not be really 11 million dead people there, second because they lie like Judas on almost everything and have so much fear of research and truth that they have silenced everything with the jail for denial. Which does not stand in favor of their thesis in any case. I would like you to understand that even jewish historians children of Auschwitz survivors cannot investigate in Auschwitz: no one has to put his nose there, the attitude is “silence and fly or prison”.

Freemasonry is imposing mass immigration of Africans and Asians to Europe, also thanks to the idiot in turn as Gino Strada or the white leftists do-gooders because the Jews do not want to be the only minority in Europe and as they did in the past they opened our doors to Muslims with the aim – even declared, see anti-white rants – of destroying us. They suck to suck. They are more sucker than Muslims surely. Israel has just bombed Syria and its newspapers, DeBenedetti-Rothschild-Elkann, the owners, all Zionists do not condemn it, they are busy condemning Salvini or LePen instead because they want to close the doors of their house with wife and children and block the invasion. “It’s racist”.

You do not have to acknowledge anything of this establishment, neither the newspapers nor the courts.

We just need the Habsburgs. Or the Romans. Or the Hauteville-Hohenstaufen.

Do not recognize ANYTHING of this “migration” crisis, if migrants are sent to you in the vallage say no. Tell them that Saudi Arabia is rich enough to keep them and there the mosques are already built, then vote to the right. If it’s not sufficient, let’s do the civil war.

No matter how bad the previous establishment was, they never did the self-invasion at least and never tried to substitute us as population. The establishment must be purged of the jewish component.

As for the judges, one begins to say that the platoon is needed. Felix Austria…

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  1. Monarchists are preferable to these damned anarchists (who murdered many people in the Spanish Civil War).

    The Ashkenazim are Asiatics, and not Europeans. Today’s Ashkenazim (or eastern Jews) are descended from a tribe (Khazars) that converted to Talmudic Judaism in the 7th or 8th century in Russia (they had earlier come from deeper in Asia). This can be verified by reading the writings of the Jews themselves (such as the book, The Thirteenth Tribe (1976) by Arthur Koestler.


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