Farage, come back. Britain to be bound by European Convention on Human Rights until 2022 – T. May gives in and with the support of Infowars, Breitbart, RedIce, me and the other Right-wing editors Farage can be PM. We can make it, in english is easier. We want more than T. May.

Tell me if it doesn’t look like a rubbish collector.

Paul Nuttall cannot do it, Theresa May is not what we need, we don’t want to pay anything to the EU, Nigel Farage must be back as President of UKIP, win and deliver the hard Brexit, no free movement, no ECHR, no paying EU budget exit bill.

There are a lot of internet media like Infowars, Breitbart, RedIce, mine, and many more right-wing editors that would riot-campaign for Nigel Farage, we are already raising the polls in favour of Marine LePen and that’s in french, in english we can form a synergy destructive of the actual establishment.

Farage come back. Theresa May is no Messiah. We don’t need to say sorry to anyone: we want the hard brexit and the end of this sham ECHR.

Nigel Paul Farage must be British PM.

I enjoy the electoral campaign and in english is easier, I don’t want to support May or Corbyn. As Britney Spears said: “give me more”.

Britain will be bound by European human rights laws for another five years, with the Conservatives expected to abandon a pledge to withdraw the UK from the ECHR.

Source: Britain to be bound by European Convention on Human Rights until 2022 

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