What did I tell you? Israelis tell European NOT to vote Right-wing. They who don’t give a decent state pension to the real Holocaust survivals, who live in poverty in Israel and who never paid their debt towards the Anglo-Russian-French-Americans who saved them, cannot talk. Israel president accuses Le Pen of Holocaust denial | Daily Mail Online

Someone tell the Jews that the world owes them nothing; they owe a huge debt towards the Russian, Americans, English and definitely the French who fought with DeGaulle against the Nazis and first or later they’ll have to pay for it. The Jews DIDN’T win any war, they are alive because the anglo-american and russian and also the gaullist french liberated them, they amount to no more than liberated slaves who have no power and no authority. Netanyahu shouts against the “enemies of Israel” he wants to exterminate but we all know he means it’s the americans who will have to exterminate them, he can’t. Israel is a shit-hole surviving with foreign aid that’s spent on atomic bombs, I was told 31, some of which turned against Europe and even though it survives with Holocaust stories it is reported that the real holocaust survivals in Israel don’t receive a decent state pensions and half of them live in poverty. And all the gold? All the reparation money? Tell Rivlin to shut up, without DeGaulle and his likes they would be dead or never born.

Someone set us free from the jewish lobby. They continuously talk about what the world has to do or not to do, they used the holocaust to justify in front of themselves bombing Gaza with phosphorus bombs, slaughtering children “For Israel” “”For the security of Israel” with that cavernous voice of Netanyahu, and it is even strange to try to understand why they left the real holocaust survivals in poverty, with the price of one atomic bomb they could maintain them. Maybe they didn’t see the gas chambers these survivors and they don’t fit in the agenda.

Vote LePen just the same, particularly because Israel tells you not to do so. What shit they are. The Holocaust doesn’t allow them to tell other people not to protect their borders. They waited for DeGaulle, Churchill and Eisenhower to die before talking as if the world owed them obedience. It’s not like this, you know.

Reuven Rivlin said Le Pen was guilty of creating a new, dangerous form of denial disregarding European responsibility for the Second World War murder of Jews.

Source: Israel president accuses Le Pen of Holocaust denial | Daily Mail Online

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  1. Since the fall of Soviet communism in the early 1990s, the holocaust story has been debunked. Those concentration camps were work and transit camps and not “death camps”. Towards the end of the war, thanks to Allied bombings, Germany could not move food around to her cities nor to these camps.

    Please research this. There are great Italian revisionists like Carlo Mattogno who examined the evidence for the so-called holocaust. It is not valid and not real but based on lies and fabrications. Do not give the Jews credence with their holocaust fable. Thank you. The holocaust is fake history.


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