Why I believe that France IS a banana republic. For the first time France would have voted very differently than Donzy where LePen took 28% and Macron around 21% with the socialist mason mafia running the palaces and the fake terror attacks. I believe they rigged it.

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No, I don’t believe the official results, for the first time France and Donzy do not mirror one another, in the bellwether town LePen ultra-won with more than 28% and Macron was second with less than 21%, adding that the actual Prime Minister is that Cazeneuve who knew about the Bataclan shooting in advance predicting the 130 dead ones and just sat down and waited for it to happen peacefully and that Hollande pledged to do everything to prevent LePen to win: these are people who can do anything, it’s criminals in palaces and the lefty thugs who rioted from the day before are helped and probably organized by the mafia of former communists now socialists who are running the game, Fillon behaves like a slave, “yes, the sheep say, we’ll back Macron”.

I won’t back any Macron and I think LePen can win, but with this jury and people in the palaces France IS a banana republic. Already. I would like to know if really everything run smooth in the towns and electoral polling stations and they didn’t have men sent from Paris messing up in the polling stations because of the “terror threats”…

For example in Besançon where the men of the State had to interrupt the voting process and could evacuate the polling station for two hours here’s the results of the elections

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Oh, surprise surprise, Macron ultrawins and LePen is…fourth after Mélenchon and Fillon ah, ah, ah. Is the press going to talk about this? Are the citizens organizing? In how many polling stations there was this game? Masons and communists they do this, can’t you see the EU monsters and all the “establishment” now is happy.

Macron’s first Lady already looks like an old frumpy south american who underwent too much plastic surgery that the newspapers say to be 56 when she’s 64…

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  1. The masons are a crime syndicate, that is for sure.


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