In the polling station evacuated for two hours for the “terror threats” Macron wins and LePen arrives fourth. Banana Republic all the way.

Results in Besançon, the polling station evacuated for 2 hours for the supposed terror threats. Click to enlarge

With all the things freemasonry, Rothschilds-connected people and the Crif, the jewish lobby, do here I believe Israel must be the biggest rigged, banana republic in the world.

So there are terror threats and the police evacuates a polling station for two hours, terror threats that cannot be really related to the islamists only because the official version says so, a mafia mobster, Cazeneuve, as a Prime Minister a corrupted idiot as President and this is the result: boosted votes for Macron and LePen fourth after Fillon and Mélenchon, or better to put little Macron in an even safer position, after Mélechon and Fillon. Great. In other places people say they couldn’t vote also for the “terror threats”, which were imaginary, the islamists don’t give a damn it’s the jewish lobby and the antifa-communists, all related to powerful people in the Palaces who gave a damn. In my opinion they did like this, they selected the places where LePen could win and said it was unsafe to go and vote and the police for some strange reason invented by the communist-socialists – the father of Cazeneuve was a communist – couldn’t protect them, then in the polling stations where they had masons working inside they did the big thing, you must know that freemasons do vow to break the law if the “Order” asks them and oblige themselves to do so even if it is against their guts and inner feelings. This is why freemasonry is a criminal association and must be treated as such. Oh, but there also some sacred judges into it. Disgusting.

Vote lePen you all, also the far leftists. The real far leftists. Not the antifa connected to the palaces.

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