Don’t you fool yourselves with the story that the Left is aggressively “anti-fascist” They were more against Fillon than they were against LePen, always illegally, they just want to grab power.

Cazeneuve was ridiculud ’cause after the terror attacks he attacked LePen and Fillon for talking too much about it instead of attacking the terrorists. The Left.

I’m afraid some of the innocents “anti-fascists” are fooling themselves with the thought that the Left, or the Socialists, included Macron who’s the real candidate of the Socialists so much that in fact both Valls and Hollande backed him and abandoned Hamon, open your eyes, I beg your pardon, well that they go crazy around LePen’s victory because they are staunchly anti-fascists etc.

No, they aren’t.

They did to Fillon much worse than they did to LePen: used their masonic judges to threaten him, black mail him and humiliated him during the electoral campaign all the way for a supposed crime that, if justice is equal for all citizens, they should have opened the very same dossier on half of the former senators and they didn’t, they waited to see who would win the Republicans’ inner election and then waited to see some polls, he would win, so they opened the files. Was he a fascist too, poor Fillon? I don’t consider Marine LePen a fascist personally and in any case I think fascism is a degree better than communism, if you asked the real Auschwitz survivors or even Netanyahu having to choose whether to end up again in Auschwitz or in a Gulag I bet they would all choose Auschwitz, no matter their propaganda, probably in the gulag people suffered more, maybe the number of people killed was really inferior but the level of suffering could be superior, not to mention that both communist China and the USSR were places where people wanted to run a way from, while fascist Italy wasn’t.

My opinion is that fascism is bad and communism is worse and the liberal democracy is near to perfect.


I don’t even believe that LePen is a fascist, is it so fascist, before imposing austerity to the citizens in the name of “saving the eurozone whatever it takes” as Mario Draghi says, to offer the possibility to exit and revert to a swiss like golden franc?

Marine LePen is very rich, her father gave her 6 millions euro for the electoral campaign, the LePens have mansions and bodyguards she wouldn’t be hit personally either by the austerity or by the crisis but still she thinks before a Prime Minister or a President impose that level of austerity required to fit into the eurozone they must give also the possibility to choose whether to exit or to stay in. That’s fascism in 2017. That what’s left of Mussolini’s authoritarian state: giving a referendum on the eurozone.

But Fillon? Was he a fascist too in any case? Freemasonry did start a war against the Republicans’ candidate, he was even investigated for a gift of a suit, and they even had the courage to say “because it was taylor-made”. The rich as a gift they never give prêt-a-porter, for them taylor-made is normal and to corrupt a Prime Minsiter is a bit little…They opened a file, a dossier, a trial against Fillon to make the headlines on the press for this, for the lefty judges do open dossiers on politicians for the sake of making negative headlines about them to “please” or “serve” their Party and this should be illegal, Fillon couldn’t talk about his program to the journalists ’cause he was questioned always about the scandals and the trials. Let’s tell the truth: the left wanted to put Macron at the Elysée and Fillon was treated worse than LePen so it’s NOT anti-fascism, it’s power-grabbing with any means legal or illegal, it’s mafia.

Now everybody says “ok, ok, stop the torture, we’ll support all Macron” and they don’t look like they’re really scared of LePen . Scared of what should they be? Of taking less immigrants? Of repatriating foreigners on the S list of jihadis? Oh but yes, how could possibly Cazeneuve do without a couple of jihadis in jail or on a list to liberate in time to put bombs here and there? Who would do the Islamic State terror attacks, then? Who would send to Fillon through Internet a video where they want to behead him? And show him surrounded by weapons to make him understand? White people? No, they need to make it do by the Islamic State of Syria, Libya, Iran and Levant so Netanyahu can call them to bomb also the Middle East. The person you are less scared of in all this is Marine LePen.

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  1. The Left has largely ruined Europe these past several decades. Leftist nonsense and lies have demoralized the Europeans.


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