SCANDAL: Cazeneuve knew there would be the Bataclan attentat and did nothig to prevent it. Why the french socialists are NOT innocent of all the blood the terrorists made in France.

This is not a war christians Vs. Muslims, even though we do not want Europe to become a muslim land, as the poor miserable rabbi Toutou wants, it’s a war Patriots Vs. Traitors.
Bernard Cazeneuve, socialist of course, according to the source Panamza knew there would be the terror attack at the Bataclan and even said there would be 130 dead people, did nothing to prevent it but sacked Mr. Fauvergue as chief of the RAID for not censoring the news. This is the undisputable link.
What does this mean? After the hell Farid Smahi versus Ann Hidalgo in which he accuses her and the socialists of not doing anything against the terrorists to cosy up to Saudi Arabia and the kind of muslims who want Sharia without protecting the former muslims who want to live free in the West and the rest of the citizens, and this news about Cazeneuve who knew everything in advance and didn’t prevent the terror attack, he even knew the number of dead and the astonishing, chilling sentences of all top level socialists, included Macron, “you’ve got to get used to it” or even, more indirectly “It’s like Israel now” and with another little piece of information, that the Crif, the french jewish lobby, till now had the power to remove a prefect only because he allowed pro-Palestine manifestations source and all these rabbis saying they want to punish the westerners for the holocaust…2+2=4.
The only problem with Marine LePen is that she’s not antisemitic enough or for anything at all. Still I think she or Fillon would never allow the Crif to organize a terror attack to “punish the french” they are in any case much cleaner than the socialists. Of course the socialists tell you to get used to terror attacks, they organized them and don’t you believe that the jews cannot organize terror attacks to make you experience what they have in Israel, not only they are evil enough to do it, beyond the image they want to give of themselves, they even said it plainly. Macron about terrorism can say only “you must get used to it”, like Hollande, like Valls, like … Why should any intelligent or proud voter send him to the Elysée? This is already a surrender, and it is not what France needs. Panamza is probably more patriotic than Cazeneuve or Valls or this little chouchou of the teacher and so is Mr. Smahi. You haven’t got to surrender, you’ve got to vote Right-wing and the Israelis and the french traitors must be solely punished. I hope both Marine LePen and Fillon will abolish the opinion crime and to re-allow the pro Palestine manifestations, it is a shame that the pro-Palestine manifestations have to be prohibited, the jewsih lobby must be accused. Maybe for the purpose of putting the jews in their place Fillon is better than LePen: he wanted to prohibit to sell the kosher meat without labelling it, as the Jews wanted, and is against removing Assad, you have to choose. And the jewish establishment doesn’t really like him…which thing nowadays is a compliment.

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  1. Socialism, communism, feminism, multiculturalism – or let’s call it Cultural Marxism has largely demoralized the Europeans.


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