Briefly, the italian, spanish or irish immigrants there were in the past DID NOT take one cent in benefits by the welfare state, they had to work hard from day 2. What the left wants to do now is relocating people at taxpayers’ expenses.


How much money do the leftists think these people took in benefits? What’s happening now is different than what happened in the past.

To be clear to the dumb people who say “we were always a nation of immigrants” I want to re-mark that what Soros and the Globalists are trying to do now is NOT fucking normal immigration, so don’t talk to me about the italian or spanish or irish immigrants etc. because we all know that these people in the thirties or in the seventies never got not even one dollar in benefits by the welfare state, they happened to have to work if not from day one, from day two, in one week they had to find a job and they lived, even in New York, but with the money of the wage, and since the system was “for hard workers only” because who wasn’t a hard worker just couldn’t survive and didn’t come, they accepted basically any job, from washing dishes, to dig the land, to clean rooms etc. or to be a baker and work from the middle of the night till dawn to deliver bread to the rich ones and people know it, if they could bring one wife after immigrating they had to maintain the wife and children at their own expenses with the money of the wage. Some of them after a couple of years even became rich and realized the “american dream”. This is NOT what’s happening now. What’s happening now is fucking jews and globalists and fucking let’s say it priests who want to move entire populations from Africa and Asia to the West and put them at taxpayers’ expenses calling them “refugees” so you in their opinion should pay for youngsters or 20 25 years old men to hang in Europe and USA or Canada doing nothing but being black and muslims and rioting against the white racists when Soros calls them to riot. Soros who does not pay taxes in Italy and I don’t see why it’s me or you who should pay to re-locate all these people who then if they bring their multiple wives and children again they should receive benefits and taxpayers’ money. If they insist calling them “refugees” and say “don’t say immigrants” it’s for this reason, for the immigrant has no right to receive benefits for doing nothing. He should live with the money of the work and that’s hard. Immigration is a system for hard workers only or skilled people who can get a high office job in another country because they have a superior education.

This re-location program must end NOW! If it’s only about maintaining poor people if you send money to Africa or Asia you maintain 100 people with the same amount of money in London, Birmingham, Oslo or Rome you can maintain no more than 3 individuals.

Immigration is NOT a way to help the poor. The immigrants must work and maintain themselves with he money of the wage, helping the poor means sending money to the places where there are the poor in accordance with the local government and NOT through a Soros or Miliband NGO.

And stop saying “the government are corrupted” Soros and Miliband are more corrupted.

What the Left wants to do now is a fucking relocation program at our expenses for punishing us for the holocaust in fact it’s all fucking jews around this program or fucking globalist priests who are leeches at christian citizens expenses. The UN counts zero, I don’t pay for anyone to relocate in my country.

Moreover, the immigration law is a law like another and must be fucking respected, the jews, the muslims, the leftists must not think they can break the immigration law as if the law were unjust and say nonsense like “migrants are victims of the frontiers”. I don’t pay for them, they can pay for all these people at their own expenses and not in my country. As for the priests for some of them to be a beggar and take money by the state as charity for doing nothing is normal. They have a master degree in asking money for charities for doing nothing but loving Jesus. They make me sick. The poor I can help them sending money to Africa, at Milano’s cost of life I don’t pay for them.

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  1. Allowing immigrant in from 3rd world basket cases does not help solve the problem. This is treating the symptoms! These countries of origin need to break down the barriers to growth and opportunity and thus really treat the cause of the problem.


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