Paris terror attacks are organized by the jewish lobby, ISIS does not exist as such and Rita Katz, if we lived in a serious world should be at least interrogated…

If we lived in a world seriously interested in justice, all these pieces of information given by Panamza and all the israeli-jewish connections around the “ISIS” terror attacks should be taken seriously into consideration, instead of accusing the whites of being “islamophobes” but then accusing the muslims of the terror attacks done by the Jews ruining their collective reputation not to ruin the collective reputation of the Jews because also “group reputation” exists and because the Jews do consider themselves a group and want reparation money for the whole group and they do cover up the terror attacks done by the other Jews. Because, let’s tell the truth, we may be “islamophobe” but you are accusing unjustly the muslims for terror attacks done by the jews and maybe people happen to be “islamophobes” for this reason: you cannot really ask people not to be scared of terrorists. Because jewish terrorism exists and we all know it and it must be talked about and described openly and clearly as such. Your attitude towards the muslims is like this: you pretend to respect me and to be a friend of mine then to protect another one you accuse me unjustly of homicide and people start being scared of me – obviously – but you accuse them of being “Paolaphobes” well dear, it doesn’t work like this, I don’t want to be accused unjustly of homicide because you have another real guilty one to protect and maybe if you didn’t kill people and told everybody “It’s Paola, Rita Katz said it’s Paola” you would be respecting me really.

To all this we must add that the one who suddenly claims “ISIS re-vindicates the attack, it’s ISIS” is always another jewess, this Rita Katz in fact, again an israeli agent, israeli and jewess that in a normal world would be at least interrogated by the police to be asked why does she know always who’s the guilty one.

I don’t accept injustice, all these jews must be interrogated and formally accused, remember you stupid masons who supposedly love humanity peace in the world etc. and are anti-racists etc. – unlike us Right-wingers – that the jews control freemasonry so when you’re asked to lie and to cover up, you “innocent” masons are asked to cover up the jewish leaders. Drop freemasonry and make justice: arrest and accuse the real guilty ones, not this spectacular “Daech” or “ISIS”. God give us justice and make the Just win the elections, the war and everything. I personally hate Israel, the rabbi makes me vomit. Those are the Jews. The real Jews.  And dear leftists the problem is NOT islamophobia, the problem is that you accuse unjustly the muslims when it’s jewish terrorism and you know it, if people are scared of the muslims it’s your fault because you accuse them to protect the guilty ones and this is a sin in front of God, written in the Bible that a judge or a witness must not accuse the innocent to protect a friend or a familiar.

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  1. The Jews do exert control over Free Masonry, which at the highest degrees or levels is anti-Christian.


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