Richard Spencer’s speech at Aubrun shows that Narcisism is a great quality. Other than a great sin. He likes himself more than he likes the others, he relishes being scandalous, like this, the leftists are over.


Very american.

The leftists are the bigots – who want censorship – and the Alt-Right is the scandalous young men, it’s the reverse situation than in the seventies.

Richard Spencer in Aubrun was a classic

It’s even ridiculous that  the University wanted to cancel this speech over “security concerns”, but we are talking about an America where Ben Carson was sued as a dangerous extremist for saying I quote “marriage is between a man and a woman” so this is how the leftists reduced, or tried to reduce, the land of freedom.

The leftists spearheaded by the fucking Jews who have the most militarized and actually really fascist state in the world, where the jewish rabbis can be anti-gays as much as they like, bigot and disgustingly anti-females at Taliban level – that’s the reality of Israel and the orthodox jews, the four westernized jews they send around to make publicity to the ethnicity like Natalie Portman are copying us westerners to simply look decent, the rest is the “real” jews who don’t copy us; well this Left headed by such people wanted to prohibit Carson being against gay marriage, Spencer talking about white identity and Coulter speaking at Berkeley, it shut down a debate about abortion in Oxford last year etc.

I have to be honest, Spencer’s speech at Auburn was no excellence, this was the average Spencer’s speech, but the real point is

  1. That he actually gave the speech against the lefty attempt to prohibit it “for security reasons”.
  2. That he likes to be considered dangerous and scandalous.

Like this he and the Alt-Right simply cannot be defeated. The audience was right-wing, he was contested almost only when he said he would abolish football. The whites behave like big kids, they want to be scandalous and they do want football, Spencer’s personality is narcissistic: he definitely likes himself more than he likes the others, he feels superior, he’s “master-race” in his mind and relishes being scandalous and this is the whole story.

If you consider how much money and power the jews ridiculously managed to obtain and still they can own banks and feel victims, they can be rich and still beg for reparation money. They even tried to teach this pattern of life to the blacks in a moment when many black people were succesful without quotas and without “reparation money”, never forget that the Black Lives Matter was founded by marxist Jews.

Strength is in the mind. It’s a matter of pride. The Alt-Right, we can say with Julius Caesar: “They wanted it”, they created the black lives matter to attack the whites for the sins of the past, independently from what a white person is actually doing now in his/her life, they started offending for free and unprovoked white people and they know they did. An african american professor at a university where the students wanted affirmative discrimination that he didn’t agree with, ’cause he was supposed to give jobs at university to underperforming minority students “as a reparation” to the srieking students who didn’t want to let him talk managed to say “what if the whites organize all together against us?” he didn’t receive any answer the lefty students went on shrieking, didn’t debate, they just couldn’t, they behaved in an animal way. 6 months later the Alt-Right was the most successful phenomenon on internet.

What did you expect?

Enjoy Spencer.


The Jews are the ones who wanted the opinion crime about the holocaust and it should never have been given to them: they do not share our culture, we must abolish the opinion crime quite simply. The Jews who look like westerners are just misleading, go and see in Israel how western the “jewish state” is. That’s the real jewish culture, what they become without us: they are ugly.

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