No Deal is better than a bad Deal and the new Elections are a way to prevent the last minute boycott strategy in 2019. Tory manifesto will guarantee end of free movement | Daily Mail Online

I didn’t expect this move but now I quite agree, with Mandelson, Blair, Gina Miller & co. ready to boycott Brexit at the very last minute for they don’t like the “deal”, maybe in 2019 and with the new EU elections, but there probably won’t be any EU then, in 2020 and when Theresa may had rightly said “no deal is better than a bad deal” with the UK backstabbers who are on the side of Brussels instead of London and with the power of the british import from Holland and Germany that makes it impossible without backstabbers and inner traitors to get a bad deal, it was clear that to give power to Theresa May to deliver also the hard Brexit these elections were necessary. To purge the Parliament, as Jacob Rees Mogg stated. Good luck. Germany and Holland export to the UK more than they import: it’s impossible that they want tariffs, the EU was hanging totally on british traitors – as usual – this must be clear. Personally I don’t even believe there will be any EU at all any longer. Which is also my hope. The EU never got anywhere without traitors. The traitors were always its agents.

The manifesto is expected to commit the Conservatives to ending EU free movement and pulling out of both the single market and European Court of Justice.

Source: Tory manifesto will guarantee end of free movement | Daily Mail Online

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