Antisemitism will save the West: Behind the “Crisis:” Jewish Lobby vs. North Korea – The New Observer – You must read in detail what the jews-israelis are doing. This is the reality of facts.

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According to Haaretz, “Israel said there were six Middle Eastern countries which had obtained the means produce doomsday weapons and ballistic missiles covertly from North Korea while ignoring commitments as members of the NPT and other arms-control regimes.”
North Korea’s nuclear capability has also long been a concern of Israel.
In 2009, the Zionist state hypocritically condemned North Korea for conducting a nuclear test, even though Israel has one of the largest stockpiles of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in the world.
In an article published in the Israel newspaper Haaretz in 2009, the Israeli foreign ministry said that “Israel is concerned with North Korea’s nuclear proliferation, which has negative implications in this region,” adding, in a supreme act of hypocrisy, that “Israel expects the international community to respond decisively to the nuclear detonation by North Korea, so as to transmit an unambiguous message to other countries.”

Do you get it?

We must understand fully that our ancestors were anti-semites because the Jews are REALLY evel and tricky, imbeciles, you are not better than your antisemitic ancestors you are just more ingenuous and either you wake up now or you wake up tomorrow. Hopefully now.

In Italy also the refugee crisis is LED by jewish people connected to Israel, DeBenedetti, all freemasonry that’s obviously jewish-led: they want the end of our world, they are not us, you must become antisemitic and stop them. For God’s sake! They don’t give a fuck about Europe, christians, the West you must not give a fuck about them TOTALLY.

Source: Behind the “Crisis:” Jewish Lobby vs. North Korea – The New Observer

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  1. The Jews in Israel have nuclear weapons and some of these are targeted at Europe. The “Samson option” is when Israel is threatened with destruction it will nuke European cities in revenge for not supporting Israel. This is no fiction.

    Still think the Jews give a fuck about you Europeans?!


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