The Far Right is the New Normal. Are you ready?

Marine LePen is ultra-winning and with the highest proportion of young voters, Trump won, then it’s true he didn’t stand the ground but we didn’t know it, when he won he won with the votes of unbreakable un-brainwashable people. Brexit won with people saying clearly: yes, I want to control my territory, I’m the owner here, not the UN and not the EU.

The Far right is the new normal, full of strong people, who don’t say sorry and move on and want to control their territory. It’s great.

After Prince William and Harry revealing to be just Illuminati like the others, after the Vatican broke down, after the masons and the jewish lobby tried to exterminate the western christian culture, are you ready for us?

Young and strong and gunners, unpredictable. I bet you are.

This system needs not to be shaken, it needs destroyed and built up again.

Can we do without the Windsors, depressed and satanic-friendly?

Can we do without the Vatican, strangely muslim invasion-friendly?

Can we do by ourselves? Can we take over and be our own establishment by ourselves?

Yes, to quote Obama for once, you bet we can. Vote LePen and be ready for the next level, no one can convince us to sell the bottom to the devil. The Windsors, the Vatican, the Rothschilds, the satanic jewish lobby are all in this together. We are not. We the gunners. We the real westerners and christians.

Are you ready for us? We’ll destroy them, because till now they have kept us bound to them pretending to be christians, both the Windsors and the Vatican, the only ones who didn’t pretend, to be honest, were the Jews but I bet they’re not orthodox Jews, they can’t convince me really that much.

We do never accept satanists or muslims as our establishment. We can build our own establihsment or better we can be our own establishment. We’re out, or better it’s not we who’ll be out, it’s they who’ll be out.

The Far right is needed because it’s the only force that’s got enough physical and mental strength, it’s young and it’s warrior-like and it doesn’t give a damn about the lefty judgements. The Leftists are over.

I wanna hear the sound.

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